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A student at the University of Exeter, Adrien is one of the most rigourous menswear appraisors out there. He is also the Creative Director of the University of Exeter's fashion society ( which organises shows, photoshoots and regular events. For any comments, feed-backs, feed-forwards and questions, do not hesitate to tweet at him via @AdrienBook or email him at [email protected]

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Milanese Mesh: know your basics

Named after the Italian city of Milan, where it was first created in the late 19th century, the Milanese watch bracelet (or “mesh” ) is today made all over the world, from Germany to the Far East. Due to the tremendous flexibility of the trend, giving watches a both contemporary and retro style, watch bracelets of stylish mesh or fine links are nowadays a permanent feature of…

51% of women spent less than £30 on their handbag: a study on expendable fashion

Just one second of fame OR a short study on expendable fashion. And by expendable we mean a look at just how little university students will spend on a handbag. In the third part of our ongoing look at the rise and fall of fashion in universities, Adrien Book explores the fashion cycle from students' perspective.

Gucci’s vacation state of mind

Since its creation in 1921, Gucci has excelled at defining the ultra luxe and fashionable, jet setting Italian aesthetic to heights never reached by any other house. With such a reputation, wonders were expected from Frida Giannini (Gucci’s Creative Director) as she presented the brand’s men’s spring / summer 2013 collection yesterday at Milan fashion week (MFW). And wonders we got, in the form of a rocking combination of…

Travelteq’s new swimwear range

Travelteq, well known for their reliable travel bags, suitcases and anything handy when on the move, recently introduced a couple of essentials for a sun, sea and sand vacation. Made in Portugal, their new swimming shorts will be a nice alternative to Orlebar Brown trunks and an improvement upon the dozens of Hawaiian prints out there this season.

Yves Saint Laurent to change name

Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent’s newly-appointed creative director, has provoked a public outcry when, keen to “thrust Saint Laurent into a new era modern”, he announced the decision to remove the founder of the brand’s first name from the famous moniker. The French house will be rebranded Saint Laurent Paris, although the iconic YSL logo will remain the same. This move, however daring, is not uncommon as the majority of…

Pringle of Scotland Spring / Summer 2013 men’s

Design director Alis­tair Carr gave Pringle of Scotland, the legendary luxury knitwear manufacturer, the farewell it deserved with his spring / summer 2013 collection for men.  Using a fairly restrained colour palette, the ex-Balenciaga designer created modern boxy silouhettes that fitted the general trend of relaxed tailoring. Most clothes shown had an air of practicality, including knitwear with camouflage prints in various colours (as well as enlarged and abstract…

Marks & Spencer launches the world’s ‘most sustainable suit’

Marks and Spencers has, after four years of hard work, launched “the most sustainable suit in the world” this morning (19th of May) during the the retailer’s Plan A Stakeholder meeting. One wouldn’t be able to guess so, as the suit looks like any other M&S suit, with its many qualities and few defaults, but the outfit is said to be the future of tailoring: every stitch and…

Brunello Cucinelli relaxes for spring

Brunello Cucinelli, rightly nicknamed the self made philosopher king, aims is to provide the world, and “the world to come” with an everlasting trace of his work. It therefore comes as no surprise that the king of cashmere’s spring / summer 2012 collection for men offers, as usual, an unmatched timelessness. However, certain details show that the designer has been affected by the world-wide trend…