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Gisele woos for Juergen Teller’s camera

There’s oft referenced interview in which then-24 year old model Gisele Bundchen declared that she “would never be naked in a fashion picture.” Time and time again, Gisele has proved herself wrong. Impressively so – few figures match the toned proportions that Gisele has reached. Necessarily so – for what is modern fashion without nudity? Yet Gisele’s body work has never been prolific and has,…

Photo diary: Phuket around Sri Panwa; November 2013

Postcards from a fashioniser around Sri Panwa. By Daniel P Dykes. You know that a holiday destination is good when Mother Nature decides to be the polar opposite of what you had dreamed of, and yet you still enjoy your time there. With a week’s vacation planned at Sri Panwa, a luxury resort west of Phuket, in my mind’s eye I knew how everything would…

Photo diary: Phuket around Aleenta; November 2013

Postcards from a fashioniser around Aleenta. By Daniel P Dykes. The mention of Phuket, Thailand, is likely to conjure up images beautiful beaches and exquisite islands. Or perhaps, depending on your youth, cheap bars and raucous clubs. Head north out of Phuket, however, and stick to the West of the mainland and you’ll soon find yourself in Phangnga. Here I stayed at Aleenta Resort having…

Spring 2014 makeup trends & tutorials

The spring / summer 2014 fashion trends are just one part of the change in season, and as our wardrobes change so too do our hairstyles and beauty looks. The spring runways were filled with a variety of makeup trends: from bright, optimistic summer lipsticks to dark kohl lined eyes, from the retro to the grunge. After the break, a round-up of the key trends…

Princesse tam tam S/S ’14 look book

Always favouring the most effortless cuts, Princesse Tam Tam somehow manage to make their lingerie the polar opposite of vampish while still maintaining a sense of glamour. There’s no Victoria’s Secret-style bombshell padding, no bondage-strapped leather or intricate corsetry. It’s stripped back to youthful, feminine simplicity: whether underwear, swimwear, or loungewear, there’s something spectacularly appealing about the idea of a Princesse who’s not high maintenance.…

Candice Swanepoel: the hottest Minnie Mouse you’ll ever see

The priceless subtitle of i-D magazine’s winter 2013 edition probably says just as much about the issue’s content as it does about Candice Swanepoel. More or less known as the fitspo supermodel, if ‘the body‘ moniker wasn’t already the property of Elle Macpherson it’s likely that you’d start seeing it liberally applied to Candice.

Paisley for men: your new winter print staple

Men’s florals aren’t uncommon but they are the domain of casual wear. Summer 2013’s fashion was heavy in floral prints for guys – you could buy the look in everything from bomber jackets to garish suits. For winter though, florals for men are mostly a thing of fashion past. Paisley is your winter 2013 fashion print staple for men.
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Picking a hair colour for the new season

I’ve alluded to this before, but now let me put pen to paper, or at least fingers to keyboard, and come out and say it. Every year Fashionising.com works hard to provide you with inspiration for the year’s trends, hence along with the hair trends for fall 2013 and winter 2014, we’re currently putting together the take on spring 2014’s hairstyles as well. But hairstyles…

A fashioniser’s guide to Marrakech

We’ve already shared some of the beauty of the area and its surrounds in our photo diary from Morocco, but when a fashioniser finds themselves in Marrakech (alternatively known as Marrakesh – both spellings are correct), what should they do and where should they go? Away from the most common of tour guides, away from the polish of those guides focussed only on fabricated luxury…

Photo diary: a fashioniser in Morocco

Postcards from a fashioniser in Morocco. By Daniel P Dykes. There’s something utterly exhilarating about dropping yourself into a completely foreign culture, somewhere where Western culture hasn’t completely permeated. If we’re honest, Western culture has had an impact upon every single corner of the globe. Having spent some weeks in China this year, I can tell you first hand that you have to be far…

Photo diary: a fashioniser in New York; September 2013

Every fashion week has its highs. The catwalks. The parties. The people. But the fact that New York is first on the calendar of the 'big four' fashion weeks makes it a stand out for me. In being first, it gives me, anyone, the chance to travel there early. And in being early, I have chance to do more than a fashion week normally offers and to truly be a traveller in a foreign land. What follows are a few photos from New York during its spring 2014 fashion week season, all from the eye of a fashioniser.

Antonio Marras Spring / Summer 2014

Antonio Marras’ catwalks always take place in a hell of a setting. They are catwalks staged amongst the magic of impossible settings. For summer 2014‘s catwalk, the underground setting took in mirror and stain-glass lined walls and doorways outside which a temporary forest hosted violin playing fauns. Read this and think not of the likes of Alice in Wonderland – Marras’ summer 2014 collection drew…

Antipodium Spring / Summer 2014

Ah, Are You Being Served? – just how much of my childhood you were. And the childhood of so many other children who lived through an era when British TV was at its campiest. How you made me giggle despite my innocent mind not knowing just why references to Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy were to be laughed at – why was a cat so damn funny?…

Philipp Plein Spring / Summer 2014

Never let it be said that Philipp Plein is short on theatrics. There are the theatrics of attempting to get into his show (a mosh pit of people jostling to get past the security rope, personal space be damned). There’s the one hour wait for the show to start because the aforementioned guests simply can’t get into the venue in a timely fashion given the…