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The head-turning, statement-making little black dress

The slit that rises up the thighs. The short hem. The way the the sheer layer responds to the wind and movement thus breathing life into the dress. The way statement after statement are layered into this one, little black dress. The stone balcony. The palm trees beyond it. The water, and all the yachts moored in it, beyond those same trees. All of these…
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14

Agent Provocateur lingerie: yet another sexy look book

While some girls see autumn as the perfect opportunity to put on some extra layers of style, the Agent Provocateur girl is the one to always get excited about what hides beneath all those additional layers of clothes. For fall /winter 2013, Agent Provocateur releases a dangerously sexy collection of lingerie that borrows inspiration from the ’90s supermodels working the runway in George Michael’s “Too…

Lace, bikini and pool side grace

There’s only so much you can do in the heat of high-summer in the south if France. Sun by the pool, read a book while sunning by the pool, swim in said pool, or, to really mix things up, frolic at a nearby beach. I love water, I love swimming, but such repidity bores me stiff. So while spending part of my summer in St…
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Nostalgia from Jessica Choay S/S '14

Men’s details: a few new pieces

The most perfect vintage sunglasses store in Italy offered me many a great thing: a new must-visit store in Italy’s north that I’ll return to for years to come. Exceptional service. Three pairs of mirrored sunglasses so good that I’d wear all three at once if only I had three sets of eyes. This is them, along with a few other new accessories I’ve both…

Men’s details: the perfect, slim wallet

I hate bulky wallets. Not the least because I don’t understand why a person needs access to every card they own every moment of their life – can’t we all just carry the cards we need for the day ahead? I also hate bulky wallets because they can ruin a look. When a gent pops a bulky wallet into the breast pocket of his suit…

The little black dress that has statement written all over it

Their name evokes because little black dresses can make all manner of statements. They can be classic, not all that little, they can be revealing or demure, they can be the foundation upon which a broader look is built, or they can be the look itself. Lashes of London’s cut-out little black dress is wholly of the latter variety.

Urban nautical in Bucharest: men’s look

Summer time and the living is easy. Yes, it’s a sure sign that Summer has peaked when England has a few hot days. And boy, has it. 30 Celsius plus in England and people have been dying of heat exhaustion. Or so the news tells me – it seems that every time the sun decides to beat down on England’s green and pleasant land I’m…

How to pack for the long haul: carry on luggage

Long haul flights are bastard things, of this I can assure you. Having lived in Australia, I’ve become adept at such flights. And not the kind of long haul that sees one fly from London to New York, but rather the ‘across the world’ kind, Melbourne to London, 24 hours sat in the same seat. 24 hours where you run the risk of being the…

Italy’s vintage sunglasses treasure trove – and why you need to visit it

Great pairs of sunglasses are few and far between. Sure there are some nice styles out there but, for the most part, all the quality sunglasses you’re ever likely to own are made by one company. So while most of us desire to be anything but generic, the glasses which adorn our faces usually are. Hence the rise of elaborate, artisanal sunglasses – an ocular…

Vera Xane Modern Love, S/S ’14 look book

Vera Xane’s new campaign has us convinced. Granted, the jewellery alone would have done it, but the sex-kitten styling leaves absolutely no room for argument: this is a collection to covet. Drawing on futurism as envisaged in the 1960s, Vera Xane’s designer – Alex – created a collection fit for a modern-day Barbarella. Clean, geometric and architectural are all still words to describe the pieces,…

Elie Saab Haute Couture Autumn 2013

Having long ago perfected red carpet, Elie Saab aimed his sights on pure regality for autumn 2013 couture. Not one gown or girl would have failed to pass as royalty: the daughter of a King, not just beautiful but poised, untouchable, perfected. Emerging from between the pillars of the Palais Brongniart she floated rather than walked, her softly treading presence betrayed only by the audible…

Julien Fournie Haute Couture Autumn 2013

Tell a person that you make a living out of attending and reviewing catwalks and they invariably tell you how lucky you are, “the gift bags must be amazing.” Not so, few catwalks have them. Myth dispelled, sorry. But there is one thing that is greater than a gift bag to any writer – show notes. Show notes are the creme del a creme of…

Smalto Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

Having spent a day journeying from catwalk to catwalk at Paris fashion week, there’s something rather refreshing about arriving at a presentation. Doubly so a well staged one. Presentations can communicate more than their catwalk counterparts can ever hope to. They can be laden with props, motifs, scenes and settings that catwalks simply can’t compete with. At a presentation you cannot only view a collection,…

Emily Ratajkowski does Paris

Both stunning and super-sweet; Fashionising.com caught up with model Emily Ratajkowski after today’s Ann Demeulemeester showing at Paris fashion week. The first photo we snapped of Emily captured her beauty; after the break you’ll see how we snapped her outfit.

Alibellus+ Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

For spring / summer 2014 Titi Kwan had quite a singular vision, and everything stemmed therefrom. He dreamed of birds: sky, feathers, the freedom of flight. The focus fell on texture and silhouette, rounded shoulders signalling “the beast before flight”, waterproof fabrics mirroring the idea of droplets rolling off feathers, chain necklaces symbolising constraint and the joy of breaking free. Even wide collars and white…

Ermenegildo Zegna Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

If you want to sell menswear to the current generation you have to have a story to tell. It can be a heritage one, it can be a quality one, it can be an authentic one, it can be all three; seldom is it anything other. Their reputation preceeding them, Ermenegildo Zegna are short on neither heritage nor quality stories. But, with designer Stefano Pilati…

Mistake versus flair

Ah, the angst. When someone has a part of their look that’s skew-whiff, do you tell them? Do you tell the person leaving the toilet that they have paper stuck to their shoe? Or the freshly dined person that they have something in their teeth? You probably should, but often there’s that angst of running the risk of embarrassing them versus letting them go on…

Inside Dolce & Gabbana’s after party

Dolce & Gabbana’s collections evoke memories; their men’s spring 2014 collection, surprise of all surprises, evoking the memory of a Sicily that may only now exist in the realms of fiction and fashion, if it ever existed at all. Last night’s after party for the same collection thankfully bypassed all that – old men on accordions wouldn’t have been flavour of the night as the…

Costume National Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

Apple, start your lawyers. For Costume National have referred to their spring 2014 collection as iCowboy, the I prefix obvious, the cowboy drawing upon the man in black, Johnny Cash. Or here, the men in black and white, their cowboy hats upturned, their leathers more Easy Rider than Folsom Prison Blues. In fact you could say that the whole collection is a bit more upbeat…