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David is a finance student at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Indiana, he has always been passionate about fashion despite growing up in the conservative American Midwest. A former venture capital intern and high school debater, David’s sense of style is equally informed by classically preppy, Ivy League academia and a love for the grungy, bandana-sporting, Americana wear of the East Coast. He is more than welcoming of questions, comments, and criticisms directed towards him via Twitter - @DavidHirschy.

David Hirschy

Men’s jeans: the denim trends you need to know about

Denim shopping can be daunting for even the most fashionable male. Stick to the classics, go all out on statements, or linger in the space between? Fortunately - from waxed jeans to coloured denim - there are plenty of options. Here are some of the key denim trends for men that will take you from winter 2013 into next year.

Review: Groom Philly, the Philadelphia man’s best kept secret

A quality haircut is one of the best investments that the male fashioniser can make. If one takes the time to consider it, the amount of pressure to have a great haircut is astronomical: it has to complement every outfit, encapsulate your very complicated personality, and even make you look good when you’re not wearing anything else! That can be a rather hefty order to…

Men’s boots: a guide for fall / winter

For the sartorial male, boots can serve as a cornerstone to any outfit. They can be the foundation from which one can build upward, the canvas upon which a masterpiece is painted. Whether you wear them with suit pants or jeans, read on for the styles and colours to invest in for the fall / winter 2012 season.

Alexander McQueen’s plexiglass visor: from show to shelf

Sarah Burton has some big shoes to fill – specifically some oversized, McQueen-style, armadillo heels. Luckily the baby steps that she has taken in them since May of 2010 seem to be favorable, culminating in Burton winning Designer of the Year at the 2011 British Fashion Awards. The victory appears to have further spurred her on as she continues to define the new direction of…

Summer looks at Florence + The Machine

The end of the summer fashion season is nearing, you haven’t added any significant pieces to your wardrobe in weeks (perhaps even months), and your interpretation of one of the most whimsical parts of the fashion year is starting to feel repetitive. Sound familiar? Then look no further! A number of more or less willing stylistas attending Sunday’s Florence + The Machine concert at White…