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Giang Cao points the camera to the streets and beyond to document and share the spectrum of people, clothes and personalities which inhabit our lives. He is the founder and creative director for Through the Looking Glass, a street style blog and has been featured in The New Yorker, and The New York Times.


Bucket hats: functional and stylish headwear

Since its my job to Wikipedia things, here are some facts about the common bucket hat. You can trace back the origins of the bucket hat to Ireland, where fishermen and farmers wore the soft cotton hat to protect themselves to the rain and sun. Apparently, eyelets found on the sides are supposed to aid in ventilation. Sean Connery looked badass in one as Indiana…

The a-z of menswear

Recently discovered the wonderfully insane world of menswear and have no idea what the hell people are talking about? Menswear bloggers seem to speak their own language and if you’re new to it, you’re most likely scratching your head wondering “what the hell is mewelry?!”. Rather than opening up your Netscape Navigator and asking Jeeves, here’s an easy A-Z guide of #menswear ready for your…

Burn notice: 6 luxury candles for your bachelor pad

Are any of your rooms feeling a little sad and smelling kinda stale? Trying lighting up a candle to brighten things up. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to add warmth and a sophisticated ambience to any living space – a sure fire way to impress any visitor. Rather than the cloyingly perfumed ones you’ll find a packet of six, well made candles provide a…

A man’s guide to summer fabrics

While there is very much a practical reason to switch up to lighter and more breathable fabrics during the warmer months, summer fabrics have their own distinctive personality that suits the carefree nature of enjoying the sun. Summer dressing is all about ease, comfort and simplicity – and that’s hard to do when you don’t have a basic understanding of how your clothes work in…

J.Crew says hello

Just as J.Crew opens its online doors to the world, the all-American retailer enrolls street style power couple Garance Dore and Scott Schuman to canvas the globe for the tastemakers that sport J.Crew. The international tour takes them from Berlin to Hong Kong, London to Sydney, visiting some of the most stylish people in the world and providing us a glimpse into their everyday styles…

P.Johnson goes online

If you aren’t lucky enough to put down the dough for one of Patrick Johnson’s made to measure suits then you’ll be happy to learn that the Australian tailoring house opened up their online store. The offering is slim but focused; pochettes in a smattering of colours and patterns plus a range of ties from their ongoing collaboration with Drakes. All perfect accessories for the…

Go bold or go home: Calibre’s spring menswear

Go bold or go home seems to be the mantra for Calibre’s spring / summer 2012 collection. It seems apt for the Olympics are just getting started and Australians are ready to set a statement about who we are and what we represent. We already know what kind of bar was set at the opening ceremony, but what do real Australian men wear on a…
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection
Calibre S/S '12 menswear collection

How to clean your white summer shoes

Bright white shoes are the epitome of Summer but if you’re anything like me, you tend to scuff up your white shoes pretty easily. Whether it be from grass stains from picnics or dirt from your backyard your shoes won’t stay pristine for long. While keeping your white shoes clean shouldn’t distract you from getting out there and enjoying the sun, here are some ways…

Enduring classics: retro mens grooming products

For all the technological improvements and advances in skin care we’ve seen in the last decade, old school products are a constant reminder that when something works, don’t mess with it. Picking up a tube of shaving cream that your father used everyday, and before that his father, adds a certain nostalgic charm to your morning routine. It’s a throwback to bygone eras when shaving…