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Giang Cao points the camera to the streets and beyond to document and share the spectrum of people, clothes and personalities which inhabit our lives. He is the founder and creative director for Through the Looking Glass, a street style blog and has been featured in The New Yorker, and The New York Times.


Green & gold: Australia’s Olympic opening ceremony uniform

With everyone talking about Team USA’s Olympic outfit, I thought it would be a good time to present Australia’s own kit, and surprise surprise – it’s pretty good. Stepping away from the gimmickry of years past, official Olympic outfitter Sportscraft, have opted for some pretty classy staples that feel authentically traditional yet relevant. Wisely, gold takes a step back and the schoolyard classic bottle green…

Instant expert: the construction of a tie

From a school age, the tie represents a certain way of dressing. You learn from a very early age the importance it has to a man’s wardrobe and the character it embodies. While at first you wore it out of formality, hopefully you can find the joy of having a collection that you proudly knot around your neck. Given its importance, this small guide aims…

Isaia: the making of

For those of us who are longing for the Pitti Uomo sun-soaked summer days of Italy, Isaia aims to bring us back with a series of visual collages. The first in a series that goes behind the scenes of the Neapolitan tailoring house, “The Inspiration” paints an unmistakable portrait of the Amalfi Coast and the main thrust behind their spring 2013 collection. As inspiration goes,…

Make a menswear statement with bold socks

The classic menswear wardrobe usually exists within a specific colour spectrum. Blues and navy, white, khaki, green and grey form the predominant range of colours in most cases and it can be difficult to break outside of that mould. It’s hard to find a comfortable place for salmon pink and green polka dots in clothing. So instead of wearing it on your sleeve, why not…

This is your new favourite… hat

The slow emerging trend of incorporating street wear into a suit outfit is gaining traction, evidenced by Pitti-goers fondness for pairing items like running shoes and bandanas with linen blazers and tailored pants. The baseball cap is a natural evolution of that, and this might be the one we start with.