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Giang Cao points the camera to the streets and beyond to document and share the spectrum of people, clothes and personalities which inhabit our lives. He is the founder and creative director for Through the Looking Glass, a street style blog and has been featured in The New Yorker, and The New York Times.


Day 3: Pitti men’s street style (gallery)

Hey everyone at Pitti Uomo? Stop looking so good and making everybody else feel bad and insecure about their entire wardrobe. But they won’t stop. They just keep on coming with their unlined cotton jackets, white denim, raw silk ties and neckerchiefs. This gallery contains all of that and much more.

Accessories Americano: Pitti men’s street style

It’s good to see the Americana influence on menswear hasn’t died down, even in the midst of Florence, Tuscany. Take away the accessories from this Pitti Uomo street style look, and you have a pretty conventional outfit. It’s smart dressing and you guys should pay attention. Also, take notice of the floral neckerchief. If all goes according to plan, by the masters of Pitti, you’ll…

The Hacket Pavilion: Live from Pitti

Fresh from their showing in London last week, Hackett London may just well have set up the most impressive stall at Pitti. Well, it’s so much as as a stall, as it’s an entire pavilion with a front porch to sip some much needed iced tea and an old (probably Renaissance) building housing some wonderfully British mannequins.