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Former make-up artist and PR girl, now perpetual-student finishing a Master’s thesis and freelance writer, Joanne Cleary fascinated by the beautiful things. So it is that the magnificence of the beauty industry inspire her and her writing. A Melbourne, Australia dweller she adore black (the unofficial colour of all fashion in the city), Christopher Kane and Marc Jacobs flats, while her favourite places in the world include the Tate Modern on a quiet afternoon, the Sacre Couer steps in Paris and Copenhagen for uber-nonchalance. In her non-existent spare time she enjoy trawling PostSecret, finding ceramic cats in Antique stores and feeling productively tranquil by wasting an afternoon in a library. You can keep up to date with her personal work via Twitter.

Joanne Cleary

Beauty wrap-up: RAFW day 3 & 4

Well done fashionisers, you are well over the half way mark of the busiest week in Australian fashion and lamentably there is only one day left to go in which to indulge in the fantasy of fashion’s finest. But luckily the Australian fashion week catwalks have continued to serve up face delights which should satisfy our beauty appetite for some time to come. Lisa Ho…

Beauty wrap: RAFW, days 1 & 2

Take a breath, fashion followers, the first few days of RAFW have passed and suitable catwalk joy has ensued. But indeed there is much action to come, so don’t dare to take anything more than a pitstop just yet. Beauty looks have been key compliments to the collections and expertise has shone. Just as perennial RAFW favourite Zimmermann transcended their roots beyond swimwear; their neutral…

Make-up fit for a Royal Wedding

Oh the hysteria of a Royal Wedding. Even the most hardened republican would find it hard not to wave a monarchist flag in the spread of Brit-love which has flooded the world. And whilst we wait in anticipation to see who has dressed Miss Middleton on the big day, easily as important will be the beauty choices for her face. Because inevitably where Kate goes…
Lara, Freja & Natalia: Vogue UK May 2011 - covers
Lara, Freja & Natalia: Vogue UK May 2011 - covers
Lara, Freja & Natalia: Vogue UK May 2011 - covers

RAFW preview: spring makeup trends

As RAFW (Australian fashion week) again draws near and fashionisers click their heels in anticipation of one of the most celebrated (and busiest!) events on the Australian fashion calendar, those uber-talented creative types are busily working behind the scenes to finalise the looks which we will covet in the months to come. We were fortunate enough to chat with one of these creative minds who…

Molten morning: the new metallics

Whilst our European counterparts are preparing for a season lazing on the Amalfi, seeking Chinotto and strolling the avenue Montaigne, in the southern hemisphere we must remain content with watching the Spring trends trickle through to our shores. Nevertheless, all that glitters is not only gold, but all shades of sumptuous metallics which are perfect for lifting an Australian winter complexion. The look is ethereal,…