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Linett Kamps is's Dutch correspondant.

Edwin Oudshoorn: Wie eine Hinde

On Friday, July 9, Edwin Oudshoorn showed his newest collection called Wie eine Hinde. The collection was inspired by a man called Joop Kortkamp. In 1943, when he was 20 years old, his parents turned him over to the Germans because he was a homosexual. He was deported to a workcamp, but escaped through his charm, his flair and his lust for life. He was…

Individuals and the collective

Student showings at any fashion week are always amongst the most forwards, and Individuals, a collection by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, is no different. Each Amsterdam fashion week a changing collective of students works to express their view on the coming season, in this case fall 2011, and fashion at large by adding a “unique chapter to the continuing fashion story” that is…

Bravoure: bete de scene

This week was something of a double debut for designers Patricia Hofstede and Kim Jansen: they held their first public showing of the label Bravoure’s autumn 2011 collection, which itself was the design duo’s Amsterdam fashion week debut. Citing tribal African culture as a muse, its inspiration in their latest collection was obvious without being overt. Titling the collection bete de scene, a French term…