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A true California girl, Quinn never leaves the house without her sunglasses (the bigger and more glamorous the better). Despite being compulsively organised she can't bare to part with the piles of fashion magazines she's accumulated under her bed - evidence of her overriding love of fashion. Anything vintage, gold, pink or sparkly finds an instant place in Quinn's heart, and she's a sucker for sequins and bead work. Ask her about fashion and Quinn will tell you it's art, full stop. She views clothes with the earnestness that others may view oil paitings or medieval architecture and brings her vision of fashion-as-art to her contributions at both and her own blog - The Posh List - which is frequented by thoughtful, independent women.

Quinn Melia Craig


Falling for florals: bringing botanical couture off the runway & into your wardrobe

Yes, it’s true.  April showers do indeed bring May flowers. They also bring a flood of floral fabrics off of the runways and into our respective spring and summer wardrobes.  For much of the following months, daisies and daffodils, roses and ranunculi, peonies and sweet peas cover our bodies from head to toe. They can be found tucked behind our ears, dangling from our wrists, and…