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A fashion magpie born and raised in London, Sabi Datoo studied English and Drama and now works in the wonderful world of fashion. Lusting over anything from interiors to jewellery as long as it's unique, when you don't find her infront of a keyboard plying her trade as a freelance fashion writer then it's likely you'll find her sitting at a sewing machine and dreaming of Carrie's fashion-Narnia wardrobe or in a kitchen trying her hand at Chanel inspired cupcakes. With a personal wardrobe that drips with colour and glitter, Sabi hopes to wake up and be Holly Golightly for the day. Every day.

Sabi Datoo

To infinity and Boyan

“Spaceman, I always wanted you to go into space, man…” this is what the Boyan autumn 2012 collection had me humming as I flicked through the lookbook. The range takes our minds to an Apollo 13-esque thought process. The long lines and silver patches lend themselves well to be a clean and unique season. Heavy embellishments give it a modern-regal feel; hints and hemlines filled…

Jason Wu accessories have it covered for spring

If there ever was an accessories collection that hit the spot, it’d be Jason Wu’s spring 2013 line. From the offset we see a minimalistic and clean range, but if you look closer, Wu’s handbags and shoes are laced in ladylike fun. Tonal shades of eau de nil, cobalt blue, nude, almond and an interesting polka-dot-tights print make way for an addictive season. I guess…
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories
Jason Wu S/S '13 Accessories

Chanel Spring / Summer 2013

So we weren’t against as many elements as the last season’s Chanel show, however, we did have a premise. The runway had wind turbines and solar panels, and when asked why, Lagerfeld said “”The wind and sun are free,” It is this statement that made the crowd go “Ahh” when the collection started coming down the Paris fashion week (PFW) catwalk; we saw a classic…

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2013

The set for the Louis Vuitton spring / summer 2013 show was a Damier inspired runway with yellow and white checks. The man behind the design was Daniel Buren who installed 4 escalators which models came striding down in pairs. Much like a fashion ark created by Jacobs, the models marched down the chessboard catwalk in sync, wearing contrasting prints and shapes.

Jean Charles De Castelbajac Spring / Summer 2013

The spring / summer 2013 collection by Jean-Charles De Castelbajac was nothing short of a sight for sore eyes; vivid prints and bold hues made up a feminine season. One of the most prominent prints that walked through the leaf embossed arch was the window and foliage print in steel grey and dark teal, which evolved into emerald green. A structured skirt, an oversized jacket…

Ashish: a little bit of India

Ashish is one designer that brings mischief, creativity and a hint of controversy to the catwalk every season. His fall / winter 2012 collection saw no bounds in colour, his signature embellishments or over-sized prints for that matter. The range was a little bit of India on speed coming down the London fashion week runway; music was a combination of yoga chants and mantras. Close…

Mulberry take on Autumn 2012

It was an hour to go before the faux curtains came up on one of the most gold-dust shows this side of London fashion week, when Mulberry decided to make a broadcast on its new bag titled: The Del Rey. Inspired and named after the songstress Lana Del Rey, the announcement of the new accessory caused quite a stir amongst some editors, until the muse…

Moschino Cheap & Chic: autumn candy

Do you remember when autumn / winter was all about the new take on black, autumnal shades in fur and thick outerwear? Well vision that on a backdrop of a sorbet ice-cream palette... we still have the warm outerwear, the chic fur and noir, except we are now wearing it in bright pastel tones. Hues of candy pink, pale orange, light pea green and nude flew down the runway at London fashion week (LFW). When looking upon the Moschino fall 2012 line it can be mistaken for a summer stroll through New York. The collection took a lady-like theme and fused it into some kind of quirk. Upper-East Side Princess meets a modern day 9-5 chick. The question posed is, does the stepford wife-esque dress and matching up do work for fall 2012?

Diesel Black Gold Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2012 men’s

When a collection such as Diesel Black Gold comes gliding down the runaway, whispers are heard... “What will they think of next?” Except what we don’t realise is that everything you thought was done, hasn’t even been scratched yet. Take the Black Gold Menswear show for autumn / winter 2012 – a mélange of fabrics, shapes, styles, looks – the list goes on... all married into little themes of greatness. Read the article to see the full gallery.