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Shitika Anand is a freelance journalist, based in Sydney, who is addicted to coffee, vintage boutiques, bright-glitzy earrings and British stand-up comedy. Her bank account weeps every time she walks out of a shoe shop, but her shoe rack throws a 'welcome home' party for the new member. Her undying love for words is obvious when she narrates her entire life story to a stranger on the train. Which is partly the reason she's resorted to writing. When not blogging, she can be found in a corner of her nearest bookshop, hiding under a monstrous pile of international fashion magazines. You can read more of her work on her personal site, Sweet Dreams in my world.


Sydney bar scene: Eau de Vie

Sydney bar Eau de Vie is all about the cocktails. A place to go if you want to take your time experimenting with different drinks and getting to know your bartender well, it may be well hidden but it's worth the hunt. Warm, classic, and nostalgic, Eau de Vie is one of Sydney's well-kept secrets.

10 men’s looks women can wear right now

Women regularly borrow from men in the fashion stakes, but androgynous dressing doesn't mean you have to swim between the flags. Taking cues from the trends on the spring 2013 menswear runways, here are 10 more daring ways to take a menswear look and make it work for women.

Nail how-to: Chanel’s haute couture nails

‘New Vintage’ was the theme for Chanel's haute couture show - a theme that extended beyond the clothes to the hair, makeup and even the nails. For a modern take on a traditional moon manicure, Chanel created two-tone silver and pink nails that were in romantic harmony with the collection. Find out how to recreate them after the break.

How to: a classically elegant makeup look

Sydney-based make-up artist Nicola Johnson created this 1950s-inspired beauty look for Toby Marosszeky’s camera to capture in his shoot The Elegance of Red and White. Featuring a bold lip and classically elegant eye, it's one you can recreate at home. Find out how after the break.
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11 steps to a perfect DIY manicure

Clean, groomed and tidy nails define a modern and independent woman. But a weekly visit to the beauty salon for pampering can be both time consuming and costly. So to get the effect from your own living room, here's our simple step by step guide to the perfect DIY manicure.