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Some people's wardrobes are about a small selection of pieces that all fit within one aesthetic - Tania Braukamper isn't such a person. With a wardrobe that spans three different rooms, her approach to fashion is a mixture of current-season key pieces mixed with vintage finds she's sourced on innumerous shopping trips around the world's more cultured capitals. Despite a disparate approach to shopping, Tania is adamant that the key to mixing vintage with new season is to stick to key looks and colours that work for oneself. And it's a theory that she works into her writing for, where she serves as the publication's Editor.

Tania Braukamper


The bared ankle & the skinny suit: in London

Men’s suit styles haven’t altered course by any great degree over the past few years, sticking largely to classic and slim cuts where the mainstream is concerned. For the less conventional there’s the roomier option of pleated pants or the daring option of super-skinny. The latter, of course, comes down largely to having the physique to pull it off.

Are you ready for this jelly? Bright, bold, PVC for summer

If it’s so glossy you want to lick it and so rain-proof it would survive the rainiest of music festivals, than you can bet it’s on the radar in 2014. Those clear plastic macs, PVC skirts and transparent jelly shoes are just so eye-catching – and all the more so in bold primary colours. Anna Ewers in the latest issue of Vogue Paris is the…

Wildfox fall 2014: Sense & Eccentricity

Trading sensibility for eccentricity is never too bad an idea when it comes to fashion – so long as you don’t overdo it, that is. Fortunately, Wildfox’s fall 2014 collection – titled Sense & Eccentricity – balances the whimsical Jane Austen references (“MRS. DARCY t-shirt, anyone?”) with classically pretty English florals, wintery plaids and wearable denims, so there’s never an over-the-top look to be found.

Shoes on the street: at Paris couture week (gallery)

There’s the minimalistic, the metallic, the sporty, the strangely futuristic… and that’s not even getting into the full outfits. We don’t wish to neglect the small but important street style details: like, for example, the shoes. If shoes speak volumes about the wearer and the look, and these 7 pairs of shoes spotted on the street during Couture week will tell you much. See them…

Rhiannon in lingerie on the back seat of your car: the cure for Mondayitis

That Peter Coulson‘s latest shoot came with the title For Your Eyes Only part 1 was the result of much optimism on my behalf. Not only does any work by Coulson shine like a light through the overcrowded gloom of my inbox, this one was alluding to James Bond films, Kisskill lingerie, Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg, and the promise of more parts to come.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Quirky chic: Candela Novembre

I’m not sure how to describe the strange tasselled adornments on Candela Novembre’s vest, but – to my overactive imagination at least – they could equally be googly round eyes curtained by thick cartoon lashes, or black anemones waving their tendrils curiously across a white sea. It’s a top I’d venture to say is downright strange, yet Novembre’s elegant frame, mesh-panelled skirt and dainty black…

A blonde of perfect proportions: Shané van der Westhuizen (NSFW)

There’s a word for Shané van der Westhuizen bounding topless and carefree across a beach, and that word is ugh. Perhaps not so much a word as a sound, to be relied upon where all real words fail – exhaled more than spoken, half in acknowledgement and half in resignation. Starring in Zulu & Zephyr’s spring 2014 campaign, van der Westhuizen is all perfect proportions,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Yes, sporty street style is still cool (gallery)

Yes, sporty is still happening. Yes, girls are embracing it because – let’s face it – we’re reluctant to let go of the fortuitous circumstance that sneakers are not only acceptable but cool. They’re comfortable, OK? And so, during Milan men’s week, various sporty accessories made their way into the street style rounds. From sun visors to sweat bands to sneakers: at the gallery are…