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Some people's wardrobes are about a small selection of pieces that all fit within one aesthetic - Tania Braukamper isn't such a person. With a wardrobe that spans three different rooms, her approach to fashion is a mixture of current-season key pieces mixed with vintage finds she's sourced on innumerous shopping trips around the world's more cultured capitals. Despite a disparate approach to shopping, Tania is adamant that the key to mixing vintage with new season is to stick to key looks and colours that work for oneself. And it's a theory that she works into her writing for, where she serves as the publication's Editor.

Tania Braukamper


Dressed in nothing but (living) reptile (NSFW)

The first time you touch a snake, you expect it to be cold and uninviting, with all the hard luxury of a python handbag. But to your delight, it’s not: it’s warm and supple and beautiful and alive. For her latest shoot, Taryn Andreatta has the pleasure of being wrapped up not in clothing but in Achilles: her reptilian co-star. If she felt any fear,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Hello, legs: model off duty

A pair of tiny sporty mesh shorts and a crop top might not sound like the sort of combination you’d wear with platform heels. But when you’re a model, your midriff is beyond toned and your legs go on forever, pretty much anything goes. That, and the fact that the shorts are high waisted, keeping the outfit elegant.

Off duty model friends: in Paris

Exiting a show never looked so relaxed or effortless as these two off duty models make it look. The half-undone leather overall against a fluffy pink knit made for a particularly striking combination.

Double trouble: Margaret Zhang & Kristina Bazan

In the world of street style, two outfits can actually be better than one. Take blogging powerhouses Margaret Zhang and Kristina Bazan, both rocking some autumnal coats and matching big smiles. Bazan may be the floaty, feminine vision to Zhang’s masculine-inspired cool one, but that only makes these photos all the more balanced and worthwhile.

Behind-the-scenes exclusive with Bambi Northwood-Blyth & Volley

Volley’s famed tennis shoes were born all the way back in 1939. Since then, they’ve been something of an Australian institution. Why? They’re casual, cool, comfortable and really rather timeless. So in a time when sneakers are on trend for women as well as for men – and not just in sporting situations – they’re more relevant than ever. The brand’s summer 2014 campaign stars…
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign
Volley S/S '14 campaign

15 street style shots you won’t want to miss: Paris, day 8

Paris fashion week can’t fizzle out on a low note; of course not. There’s Louis Vuitton kicking off the last day, after all. And so the final day’s street style remains unmissable. From Olivia Palermo’s mod green mini to Ulyana Sergeenko’s leather overalls, you can find 15 of the best street style shots at the gallery.

This is how to get all eyes on you: in Paris

What is that’s drawing all eyes on her? Is it the strappy gladiator heels? The off-the-shoulder top and vibrant aqua skirt? Or the way the whole outfit gels perfectly together into a coherent whole? Any of those answers might be correct, but there’s one thing more important than all of that: the confidence in her walk.