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Tienlyn Jacobson is a Fashion Writer, Social Media Strategist, stylist, and blogger with a talent for handling more projects at a time than is probably healthy (but it's so much fun!). With sleeves perpetually pushed up (because they look better that way), Tienlyn thrives on a conceptual approach to fashion just as much as she does when getting her hands dirty, which is often. Tienlyn is also half the duo of Say Hello Max, a fashion blog that features editorial style photos and refreshingly unique and informative content.


A balance of fabric and skin

Crop tops are not going anywhere this season and that’s a fact. This is a good thing considering that it’s the perfect companion for a maxi skirt. Not only does the length of the skirt prevent a bared midriff from being too risque, but the crop top keeps the maxi skirt from wandering over into Amish territory. Even better if said maxi skirt is sheer.…

Karlie Kloss sans classic beauty

I’ll never forget the ‘haircut’. It was high school and all the girls were cutting their hair into chin length bobs. Overnight, the three years I had spent growing out my hair meant nothing. Breathless from excitement, I hurled myself into the stylist’s chair, a pile of magazine tears in my lap. The following week was spent strutting around school flipping my hair to a…

Aymeline Valade twists

French Model and face of Alexander Wang’s first print campaign, Aymeline Valade puts a twist on the classics. Not only does she couple preppy layering with a motorcycle jacket, but forgoes the standard white collar for a denim button up, achieving a fresh take on tomboyish elegance.

Lindsey Thornburg: mystic dreams

Photographer Olivia Malone brings a pervasive quality to Lindsey Thornburg’s spring 2011 look book that can only be described as alchemy. Incantations of dresses and cloaks with a smattering of hand dyed graphic patterns evoke a dream-like mysticism and otherworldliness, making it difficult to choose a singular stand out piece. The Amber Dress, however, fabricated from loosely draped poly netting and layered over an apricot…

Friendship Cuff: daily discovery

The friendship bracelet of yesteryear gets a grown up twist with Kris Nation’s Friendship Cuff and in the process, finds in me a die-hard fan. The cuff itself is hand formed and hammered while the silk fabric is a more sophisticated reminiscence of childhood friendships and first crushes. Part whimsy, part modernity, you can choose from recycled silver or 14k gold-filled metals and options of…

Eighteenth: muted tones of obsession

When there is a heavy emphasis on neutral tones, much responsibility of a garment is left to the silhouette of a design. Designer Alexa Galler does just that with her clothing line, Eighteenth. Emphasising the asymmetric and ingeniously fusing the avant-garde with the pleasing aesthetics of basics, each piece has its own unique shape and deliberate structure, all the while remaining effortlessly casual. Case in…