If you cast your mind back to last week you may remember we featured a shoot by Amani Faiz titled 2050. It was a tale of collisions: glamour in a rustic setting, the past intersecting with the future.

“The shoot 2050 is a futuristic take on the vintage glamour from the 1950’s,” explains Nicola Johnson (nicolajohnson.com), hair and makeup artist on the shoot. “We were seeking that bored housewife look but in we also wanted to up the ante with some sleek styling and more modern hair and makeup.”

Taking us behind the scenes of how the beauty look was created, Nicola shared her full hair and makeup process with us. If you want to recreate a ‘2050’ look for yourself, channelling 1950s glamour in the modern day, follow Nicola’s steps after the break.

modern classic beauty look

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz
2050 by Amani Faiz

The makeup

Prep skin

“Flawless makeup can only be achieved if you have done the groundwork, and that means prepping the skin,” says Nicola. Cleanse thoroughly using a creamy cleanser. Nicola’s picks are Dermalogica’s Essential Cleaning Milk if your skin is normal/dry skin and Dermal Clay cleanser if your skin is a bit more oily.


Moisturise well, taking the time to massage into the skin “especially around the nose,” Nicola explains, “as this can be a particularly dry area during the winter months.” For Sophia’s combination skin she used Dermalogica’s Active Moist.


Apply foundation to the face. Conceal where necessary, and lightly powder.

“I wanted the skin to be slightly pearlescent so I mixed the foundation (I used Forever by Dior) with Strobe cream by MAC and buffed it into the skin using a medium sized duel fiber brush like MAC’s #188 brush,” say Nicola, adding that this gives the skin a flawless, glistening effect.


Nicola used the Dior’s 5 colour palette in Lifting Rose, starting with the cream colour all over the lid, concentrating on the inner eye to make the eye pop.

“Use the pink tones in the socket line using a windscreen wiper action to ensure you have a seamless blend. Using a bullet brush or small shadow brush take the darkest colour in the pallet along the bottom lash line, ensuring the line is soft but defined. I used MAC’s pencil brush #219.”

Line the top lid with a liquid liner. “For the shoot I used a gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown in Ink and I took the eyeliner straight out for a twist on that iconic 50’s flick, but for everyday its best to go for the 45° angle flick,” says Nicola.


“Big luscious Lashes were a must for this shoot,” explains Nicola, who applied “lashings of Dior Show mascara in black, plumped out with the fabulous Fo Flutter lashes by Lash Republic.”


Nicola wanted a really flushed look on Sophia so “went quite heavy with the blush. I used a baby pink colour and layered it up to create more depth. I used Dior Blush in Pink in Love.”


Says Nicola, “for the perfect pout, always start with hydrated lips, exfoliate if necessary and use a lip treatment – my favourite is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream. Prep your lips when you cleanse your skin. I wanted to match the cheeks to the lips so I used Dior Addict lipstick in Holiday, which gives a gorgeous high shine.”

2050 photoshoot behind the scenes

The hair

To accompany the makeup of the shoot Nicola wanted a “messy twist on the normal perfect do that normally represents the 50’s housewife.” Here’s how to create the look:

Prep the hair

On damp hair apply mousse and a heat protector. Nicola used Kevin Murphy’s mousse Body Builder and protected the hair with Anti Gravity spray (this also adds texture to the hair). Rough dry the hair with a hairdryer.


Curl the hair using your preferred method. To create a more authentically vintage look try using hot rollers, as was done on the 2050 shoot.

“I went old school for this shoot and used heated rollers to set the hair, aligning the rollers like brickwork,” says Nicola. Leave to cool for at least 30 minutes and remove.


Run your fingers through the hair, breaking up all the sections. Tease the top and then finger tease the ends by taking small sections of the hair and pushing the hair up to the root.


“I wanted to the hair to be slightly whiter,” Nicola say, “so I dusted white baby powder through the hair – this is only really recommended for shoots.”


Set the hair with hairspray. Nicola used Kevin Murphy’s session spray.

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