The ’80s was a decade known for being dynamic and vibrant. The past few seasons elements of the decade have snuck back into fashion: acid washed jeans, leather and colour blocking are consistently seen in different fashion shows. Edun’s fall 2012 fashion show tapped into the colourful ’80s for inspiration. The result is a collection full of positive emotions and a beauty look that will surely brighten up anyone’s day.

To coincide with the collection’s overall theme, MAC makeup artist Yamin created an eighties inspired metallic shimmer eye beauty look for the models. The look is a mix of natural hues and shimmery eye shadow that is perfect for a day out in the city or a fabulous night out. Want this gorgeous look for yourself? Check out the how-to after the break.

How to: ’80s metallic shimmer eyes


Before applying makeup, it’s always best that you start with a priming routine. Begin by washing your face and then applying moisturizer for a healthy glow. You can also use an all-in-one make up primer with moisturizer and SPF.

The next thing you should do is to make your skin look flawless by applying foundation evenly. You can use a sponge or a foundation brush for this. It is also important to make sure that the foundation you are using is right for your skin tone. Use concealer on areas that need extra attention.


Take an eye shadow and use that to fill in your eyebrows. To make them look very natural, use short strokes with a brush much like drawing using a pencil. Pay attention to areas that need filling. You can even make them look thicker than usual for a real eighties vibe.

For your eyes, you will two shades of eye shadows: one in taupe and another in a shimmery silver shade. Start by sweeping a good amount of the taupe eye shadow all over your lids. Go past the crease of your eyes and with a blending brush, blend the eye shadow upwards until you reach your eyebrows. This serves as the base colour for your eyes and creates contour to make them pop. Adding taupe also gives this ’80s look a more contemporary twist.
The next thing you should do is to take the silver eye shadow and apply it to the corner of your eyes. With your blending brush or with a cotton tip, extend the shimmery eye shadow a few centimetres into your upper and lower eyelids.

edun fall 2012 beauty

Finish your eyes off by curling your eyelashes and then applying mascara. Don’t forget to curl your lashes in three separate areas: the bottom, middle and tip. This gives your lashes a natural looking curl. If you have stubborn eyelashes, you can apply mascara first and then curl them with an eyelash curler.

Cheeks and highlights

To add contour to your face, take a taupe shade of blush and apply it right above your jaw line moving towards your ears. Keep the apples of your cheeks free of any colour to keep the attention on your shimmery eyes.

Take some highlighting powder or a powder in a bone shade. Using a brush, lightly apply it under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose and on top of your eyebrows. This give adds a natural glow and creates dimension to your over all look.


Being all about the eyes, this look is best of with a light shade or almost natural shade of lipstick. I would highly suggest a light pink shade that’s topped off with a coat of lip gloss.

For the full runway look, you can pair your shimmering silver eyes with Edun’s asymmetrical punk hairstyle.

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