Face firmly lathered courtesy of a badger bristle shaving brush and Taylor of Old Bond Street’s avocado shaving cream, I stood staring at myself in the mirror. And that’s about as far as this endeavour got because it was at about this moment that I remembered the ‘traditional razor’ my hand found itself grasping is better known as a cut throat. Looking down at its fine, silver blade survival instinct (read: ‘cowardice’) set in; my desire to live was simply greater than my desire to enjoy as close a shave as my forefathers had. So back into the draw went the cut throat and out came my trusty Wilkinson Sword classic safety razor (is classic ever traditional enough?)

Had the cut throat been as aesthetically pleasing as that released by Baxter of California to celebrate their 45th anniversary, simple visual pleasure may well have beat out my fear removing half my face in one deft movement.

Baxter of California cut throat

The Hart Steel razor blade is predominately a hand made product, and all of the processes are completed in Northern Michigan by skilled artisans. Hart Steel is tested at a Rockwell hardness of 63, which gives oneʼs razor the sharpest and most long-lasting edge possible. Artisan Technicians, from start to finish, hand grind, mark, sharpen and assemble each razor. Each AT personally stamps each razor to indicate his craftsmanship. The Horse Butt Leather used was chosen since it has a natural beauty and durability. The leather cases were cut from Horween Chromexcel Work Butt, hand sewn, hand edged painted and polished.

The limited edition Baxter of California blade will sell for US$345 and will be available online at www.baxterofcalifornia.com on 16 June, 2010.

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