How to: Zimmermann’s bronzed RAFW look

It is undoubtable that metallics and the new nudes are a dominant force to be at this year’s RAFW. And when combined with a blue nail as seen at Zimmermann the look is a casual youthfulness, breezy and fun. And tres wearable with ease.

The look, created by M.A.C Makeup Director Linda Jeffries, heralds for fresh skin and a delicate rawness rather than polished perfection. But a good base reigns supreme, so remember to prime and prep for an even canvas. The lightweight M.A.C Studio Moisture Fix was used to create the smoothest of bases on the models skin readying for the clean look to come. Not blessed with model ready skin? Look for light diffusing products to minimise flaws and even out your complexion. Lightweight foundations are key, as is setting the face with a barely there translucent powder to work some seriously spotless skin.

Flush your skin with colour with a creme blush, the variation in texture can provide a versatility of looks and just a touch can provide a delicate wash of colour, as seen using M.A.C’s Uncommon Creme Blush in the show. Although the skin is not overly dewy, the hints of light, both around the eyes and complexion add dimension and glow. Famous M.A.C fav Strobe Liquid is great for drawing highlights across the face and adding subtle lighting across the bones.

For the eyes? Suprising simplicity. M.A.C Amber lights Eyeshadow is a key product for creating the look. Cover the lids and rim with the golden shade for some clear eye pop and sparkle. Work the shape outwards slightly for some depth and contouring but don’t be too bold.

And the lips? Oh so nude. M.A.C Creme D’Nude to be exact. Natural pout, conditioned and soft. And don’t forget the as-cool-as-Alexa nail colour de jour, a punchy sky blue, to add some colour to your palette.

Nonchalant playtime a contradiction? With this look, apparently not.