Breakfast with Miranda Kerr

It’s not everyday that you have breakfast with a supermodel. As you fix your own hair, she shares her health and diet secrets with you. You attempt to conceal the blemish on your nose while in the company of a woman whose skin is flawless.

Writing about them minus their physical presence is easy, but not when their swagger is alive in its totality. Such was the case when Miranda Kerr hosted the relaunch of her personal skincare range in Sydney, early this week.

Call her a Victoria’s Secret angel, Orlando Bloom’s wife, international supermodel, David Jones’ brand ambassador or a new mother, Miranda Kerr can be held responsible for a worldwide high tide of envy amid the female clan. But the stimulator behind all the success is one thing, and as Kerr says “it’s passion”.

That ingredient of fervour and authenticity is seen in KORA Organics skincare, which is now officially “certified organic” under Ecocert standard, from the packaging to the product. First launched in 2009 with the motive to please Kerr’s own bathroom shelves, the range boasts the highest percentage of organic ingredients.

“I live an organic life. During my modelling days it was really difficult to find organic skincare products that suited… no, satisfied me. And that’s how KORA was born,” she says.

The impressive list of ingredients include; 177 vitamins and minerals, macrobiotic salts sourced from the Pacific Ocean, rose-charged energised water and rosehip oil. But the key ingredient in each product is noni juice, which is also stocked in bulk in Kerr’s home fridge. “I’ve been taking noni shots since I was 14; it’s my magic potion.”

On hearing that, the rest of us pretended to bathe in the juice for the rest of the morning. And during that self-deprecating moment, clad in her grey Willow maxi dress, Kerr gracefully binged on raw chocolate and coconut cream mousse.

Whether it’s the raw cacao or the antioxidant-rich liquid, Kerr’s supermodel lifestyle is no longer a hidden secret.

Rather it’s readily available in little tubes of happiness with KORA imprinted on it.

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