Our hats off to A Socialite’s Life for this quote which highlights the biggest issue with the current negative fixation on ‘skinny’ models’

“If the issue is health behind the ban, then shouldn’t there be an equality? If you are going to ban the underweight then shouldn’t there be an official ban for the overweight? Obesity is just as serious health threat as anorexia.”

As we’ll say time and time again, the big issue here are the me too’s, the attention whores clambering for their 15 minutes by pointing the finger at a generalised group of skinny models.

This debate won’t achieve anything until the focus shifts from the much maligned skinny models, and focuses on persuading designers to use healthy models. Note we say ‘persuade’, forcing designers by using a ban is ridiculous. A ban on something will only help it appear cooler to the people those behind the ban believe they’re helping.

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