I’ll confess I’d never used a primer before testing out this one from L’Oreal. And, being generally skeptical of anything that promises to work miracles (smooth out my small but increasingly discernable pool of wrinkles? As if.) I was wholeheartedly expecting to try it, write a few words about it, and never use it again. But this little pot of Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer proved me well wrong. I am, as it happens, converted. There’s a new step in my makeup routine and I expect it to be a permanent one.

So here’s what I found: the consistency of the product is like a cross between baby pink marshmallows and strawberry mousse. That said there’s nothing too sticky or sweet about it, it’s only very mildly scented and goes onto the skin with a velvety smoothness. I used it with a focus on rougher areas; middle of the forehead, chin, under the eyes, the nose. Used under foundation, the whole effect was smoother and far less prone to flakiness. My foundation also seemed to keep its wear better and for longer.

Lastly and most significantly the L’Oreal primer succeeded exactly where I thought it would fail. It actually did miraculously hide my (small but increasingly discernable) wrinkles. And for that, I think it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

L'Oreal studio secrets primer

What other bloggers thought

We handed over to some of our fellow beauty bloggers for their thoughts on the L’Oreal Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer. Here what they said:

Tammi’s take:

Although technically they’ve been around forever, primers have really taken off in the past few years. It seems like every cosmetics company has one in their line and it can seem a tad overwhelming when you’re searching for your first product. L’Oreal have just released their Studio Secrets range with Linda Evangelista as the face, and within their range is the Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. And it’s a winner.

You can read Tammi’s full review on Coveted Canvas, in which she goes on to describe the results of the primer.

Holly’s review:

While it’s only 15mls, you only need the tiniest amount to make a big difference to your makeup routine… There’s nothing worse than a great foundation job only to find that after a few hours, your pores look like open wells, just drinking it up. With this primer, it feels like any little pore dips or fine lines are ‘filled in’ and made to feel smooth and soft.

Read Holly’s full review at Am I There Yet.

Susan Jo’s review:

The Resurfacing Primer is really easy though and the best thing is you only need a tiny amount for each area. Rub it outwards on your target areas, making sure you blend it really well if you choose not to apply foundation over it.

Today I tested some on my nose, which always ends up so flaky no matter how much moisturizers or primers I put on. Today is the first time in years where my nose is smooth, make-up is on evenly and my skin feels soft and smooth. It’s definitely going to be added into my daily make-up routine!

Read the rest at Eyedoll Beauty.

Kate at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily wrote:

I think this is a great one to have on your desk for a mid-afternoon perk up, but at the moment (as I am still in my 20s) I don’t find fine lines too be that much of a problem, so it’s probably not a step I need just yet.
Scorecard: 8/10 – I will look this one back up in a few years I’m sure!

Read the full review at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.

Jessica said:

I applied it to my pore-problem areas (my cheeks and the middle of my forehead) and it seemed to smooth everything out and made my skin feel soft and silky. My foundation applied well over the top, and everything looked smooth and even. Winner. (how many times can I use the word smooth in this review?) I would say the effects of the primer probably last me until lunch time, where my skin goes back to looking as it normally would without the product.

Read Jessica’s full review at The Belle Lumiere.

Jacie said:

But does it work as a primer? Totally. It’s like this primer has a million suction cups that grabs onto foundation and blush and DOES NOT LET GO. I’ve been wearing this for over a week daily – in both a harsh and dry office environment as well as a sticky and hot (thanks to the summer weather) house. This is a trooper. It keeps everything in place.

Read the rest at You’ve Got Face.

Adeline’s take:

LO’real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer comes in a little pot as pictured above and its slightly pinkish but goes on clear. The texture is EXTREMELY smooth (think mousse) and glides on easily! It really makes applying concealer and BB Cream much easier and smoother, especially my undereye areas! I love using it for my undereyes circle.

Read the rest at Through Beauty Eyes.

Jade said:

This is a lovely little mousse like primer that works to disguise pores and fine lines before foundation application. I applied it sparingly in a dabbing and smoothing motion over my nose, cheeks, under my eyes and a little across my forehead and found it helped to provide a smooth canvas for my foundation application.

Check out the rest of her review at Jade Musing.

What our readers thought

We also handed over to you for some reader reviews on the L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer. Here’s what we’ve been told so far:

Anna D wrote:

L’Oreal’s Smoothing Resurfacing Primer greatly improved the duration and quality of my makeup. Usually I’ll have to reapply and do touch ups through the night but when I headed for the bathroom to check on things, everything was fine! I had only used basics before, but now primers have proven their worth. Even when the night was over, it was still working well, it was easy to remove and my skin still felt fresh.

Renata’s take on it:

I was pleasantly surprised with the results when I applied my new Primer from L’Oreal (Studio Secrets professional.) Not having used primer before, this was a first for me. Going out on Saturday night with a layer underneith my makeup it definitely made my makeup look fresh for longer and covered up some of my skin inconsistencies. The L’Oreal product is smooth in texture and balancing for the skin and I could notice the difference when I applied the product. I would definitely recommend using it under foundation, and around the eyes so that your eye makeup doesn’t smear!

Lucie G said:

I kinda thought it would be redundant to have yet another thing to ply my face with during my makeup routine. But actually the primer is surprisingly good. I give it a 10/10 for ease of use, 9/10 for the smell, consistency and way it feels on the skin, and 9/10 for fulfilling its purpose of smoothing and refining the skin (and the lost point is mostly because it’s impossible to completely cover up every inconsistency, though I think the Studio Secrets does as good a job as possible). Will I use it again? Yes – especially for going out and anything where I may end up in photos.

Belinda’s take:

I don’t tend to wear a full face of make up because I don’t have the time each morning to apply… but now having tried L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer I will be doing it more often. This primer is amazing it goes onto the skin so soft and smooth and makes your skin feel amazing, but the reason this primer will now be a permanent product in my make up bag is because my foundation goes on flawlessly… it’s streak free and even coverage allows me to rush while being confident I look great… Thank you L’Oreal for a fantastic product and thank you fashionising.com for letting me try it.

Kate K wrote:

I never usually use a primer – I’m usually just a moisturiser, foundation and mascara lady. But this L’oreal Studio Secrets primer actually feels really smooth and soothing on my skin. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on my skin and actually has an almost powdery finish to it. I like the whipped texture and the scent is pleasant enough too. My face got a little sunburnt and windburnt on the weekend, and the primer takes away some of the dryness and redness. A little bit of it seems to go a long way so I can imagine the container would last for quite a long time. I prefer to use more natural products on my skin, so I probably wouldn’t make it part of my daily beauty routine; but I was none the less impressed with the product.

Maggie’s take:

I have quite bad acne so i cake my face in foundation sometimes twice daily. I was a little hesitant to try a new product on my face, with my skin there’s no middle ground… I usually break out at the sight of a new product but with the L’oreal Studio Secrets it was different. I found that it tonned down the appearance of my blemishes by making my skin smoother and more even. I also found that I didn’t need to re apply my foundation again throughout the day. I really recommend this product… my skin looks great and I have my lunch breaks back.

Jules wrote:

I used the primer in the morning after moisturiser, before foundation. I think that’s how you’re meant to do it… anyway I wasn’t sure what to expect but I ended up loving it. Foundation definitely stayed on for longer. It has this sort of smoothing effect, like it’s filling up any lines and ends up making you look younger and fresher. I’ve been using it for a week and haven’t been disappointed. I’d say give it a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose and it’s worked well for me.

For more information on the Studio Secrets primer visit L’Oreal.

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