That time of year is around again, you know when they say that now finally Metrosexuals are out and real men are back in. This time real men have their own term, “Menergy”. As far as I’m concerned being a real man never really went out but apparently, every man everwhere for the past few years has been running around looking androgynous and getting facials. I must have missed the memo and lived under a rock while this was happening. So what’s this Menergy stuff all about? Well Daniel posted this article in the forum;

Move over, metrosexual. Make room for the manly man – and all that implies in terms of looks, attitude and behavior.

The testosterone count is skyrocketing, everywhere from Madison Avenue and prime-time TV to the furry faces of Hollywood’s biggest studs.

Last month, The New York Times’ Horacio Silva used the term “menergy” to describe the “anti-metrosexual, hypermasculine vigor coursing through men’s wear” during Milan Fashion Week. He went on to cheekily illustrate the point: “Seriously, the menergy at Dolce & Gabbana was palpable.”

Same goes for George Clooney’s face. Hirsuteness is, after all, a sign of masculinity – and not just on the sitcom “Cavemen,” which debuts tonight. Oscar winner Clooney has traded his pretty-boy sleek cheeks for near-Neanderthal macho. Odds are his salt-and-pepper whiskers will spark more Hollywood hotties to retire the razor.

Benicio Del Toro has taken the hint, from the looks of Esquire’s October issue. The babe-candy actor is fur-faced in a crisp white shirt, tie and a classic blue jacket.

“The pendulum is always swinging when it comes to masculinity,” says style watcher Robert Verdi, who has observed menergy on the covers and pages of Men’s Vogue and Details. “The visual language being communicated, whether it’s clothes to poses, is a return to real men.”

[snipped, there’s more in the fashion forums]

Tom Ford the original Menergiser

So menergy is guys with facial hair and wearing suits, this being the case Tom Ford has been Menergising for a very long time. But seriously Menergy? Menergy doesn’t sound classy enough to wear a suit, menergy sounds more like a singlet, a pair of shorts and thongs. We don’t really need a new word for looking like a man since really it’s not a new phenomenen

Best of all check out this 1981 hit song Menergy by Patrick Cowley.

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