Paper eyelashes: a unique accessory

When the novelty of mascara wore off aged 13, we looked to find alternatives. Solutions came in the form of lash gems, neon wing-tips and even feather falsies.

Unfortunately, now that it’s no longer 1999 and we can’t deem diamante decoration acceptable, we’re having to find new ways to accessorize. Whilst mascara seems to have gone full circle – we went from barely there, to overdone, and back to the simple slick coat, false lashes are going back to basics too. Well, basic in the terms of maintaining a conventional black, and originating from more a basic time at any rate. Yes, the latest lashes to hit the scene have taken inspiration from Ancient Chinese paper cutting. Bringing back the art of intricately cut paper crafts, Paperself offer a variety of delicate and decorative lashes, all made from paper. Yes, paper.

papercut paperself eyelashes

Now, whilst these admittedly look a tad scary and like a bit of a Japanese cult-craze, they’re surprising wearable. I had mine done at Fashion Week, and loved them. Creating a statement feature and an outfit accessory, they got me showered with complements. As I continued to flutter my ‘lashes’ well into the night, they stayed excellently in-place, allowing me to avoid the dreaded falsie-fail, and almost pass them off as natural. (Okay, not quite natural…)

paperself eyelashes

Whilst diamante’s are a definite no-go, I say deers, butterflies and peacocks are definite go-go.

Would you give paper eyelashes a shot? You can see more photos of Paperself’s lashes by clicking on the thumbnails.

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