We’ve always thought that measurements were fairly universal, that an inch in the United Kingdom was exactly the same as an inch in the United States. Not so it seems, with ‘vanity sizing’ gripping the fashion industry.

The New York Daily News reports on the fashion industry’s stroking of our egos, aptly indicating the term reflects “a brand’s way of appealing to a customer’s ego by slapping a size 2 label on a garment that’s much more like a 6″.

Some would argue that this isn’t an issue; fashion, after all, goes a long way to making us feel good about ourselves. But vanity sizing is simply going to far, making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to purchase clothing mostly because you’re never sure if it will fit you or not.

“Banana Republic recently introduced a “00”; Old Navy now has XXS tops and bottoms, and the desire to become a nearly negative size is taking over the retail scene.” As a prime example, take a look at Victoria Beckham’s recent purchasing of a size 23 pair of David Bitton jeans. While labelled a 23, the jeans are realistically 25 inches.

The issue of vanity sizing isn’t limited to women’s clothing alone however; men have to suffer the scourge as well with Paul Smith size 32 jeans equivalent to H&M size 36 jeans in an identical cut.

So what do you think of vanity sizing? Do you enjoy the ego stroke, or would you rather take clothing to the change room without having to guess if their sizing is accurate or off the mark? Sound off in the comments or in the Rogue Connect forums.

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