Despite being associated with the ocean, blue is not limited to being a summer color. The blue eyeshadow trend is one of the biggest for spring / summer and it made such an impact that we’ll be seeing more of it this fall / winter. A unique take on the trend was this one we spotted at the Aquilano Rimondi fall 2013 show.

Always creative, it’s only rightful that Aquilano Rimondi be given a make up look that perks up the imagination. Charlotte Tilbury of MAC is the person behind this “Alice in Wonderland” inspired look. Bright and bold with a hint of awe and wonder, it doesn’t have to be saved for fancy dress occasions – especially if you adapt it and make it your own. Learn how you can recreate this look in just a few easy steps right after the break.

How to: Aquilano Rimondi’s Wonderland eyeshadow


As with any make up look, it’s always best to start it by giving your skin protection by hydrating it. You can use an all in one make up primer or something like MAC Skincare Mineralized Charged Water which was used for the show.


To pull off this look, you’ll need flawless and glowing skin. Take some foundation, preferably one that’s luminous or has a glow to it, and apply it evenly. Remember not to use too much to retain a natural look. For areas that require more coverage, feel free to use a concealer.


The eyebrows for this look are not defined to balance out the color blocked eye shadow but you’ll need to brush them for a clean natural look.


Now it’s time for the highlight of this look. Take some blue cream eye shadow like MAC’s paint stick in light sky blue. Apply it on the center of your lid and smoke it out (blend it) until it fills your entire eyelids (all the way to your brows).

TIP: if you want a more subtle version of this look, you can tone down the amount of blue you use on your lids and just make it go a little over the crease of your eyes.

Once you’ve applied the eye shadow, take some false lashes and put them on. It’s best to use the individual ones for more natural looking lashes. Apply the longest ones in the middle and then feather them outwards. MAC false lashes #30 were the ones used to this show.


The cheeks for this look are kept rather simple. Take a lipstick in a rose colored shade and apply it on the apples of your cheeks going upwards for a naturally flushed yet still fairy tale like look.


Take the lipstick you used for your cheeks and apply it on the center of your lips. Matching your cheeks and lips give out a more natural feel, while applying it only in the middle of your lips creates dimension.

Finish your beauty look by dusting on some loose powder down the center of your face to create highlights.

A little blue goes a long way and in the case of this look, blue and aquamarine were used to instantly transport us to Wonderland. Despite this, it’s still very easy to incorporate this look into your daily life by simple making a few small tweaks here and there like lightening up the eyes shadow. With a beauty look like this, you’ll never be blue.

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