Painting your lips bold red is a sure way to add drama into a beauty look but what about blurred berry ones? We are so accustomed to seeing bold lips in the runways but the one we spotted at the Marni autumn / winter 2013 show brought about a fresh yet somehow haunting, twist to this look, all thanks to Tom Pecheux of MAC Cosmetics.

Tom describes the overall beauty look as “austere and dramatic”. Upon seeing it, we instantly get the feeling of romance with a dark edge to it. The look features peachy eyes and the berry lips that looked like they were fading into the skin. Despite the drama and the sexiness this beauty look has, it’s not that hard to recreate. Read on after the break for the complete how-to for this look.

Berry stained lips how to

How to: Marni’s berry-stained lips


Start by creating a healthy base for your beauty look by applying moisturizer or an all in one make up primer. Aside from keeping your skin healthy this will help your make up stay on longer.


To pull off this look you will need to have flawless skin. If you generally have clear and even skin, you can skip this step entirely (since you already have a base) or you can just apply a light coat of foundation. If you want extra coverage, apply foundation evenly throughout your face. This look is luminous so you’re best off with a foundation that has that effect. You can also use a concealer for areas that need extra attention.


The eyebrows for this look are softly defined. Do this by filling in your brows using an eye shadow and brush. Use short light strokes so your brows don’t become too strong.


The peach tone of the eyes was achieved by the use of lip products blended together. MAC Mid Toned Nude Lipmix and Orange Lipmix were blended together over the lids and the lower lashes for that peach tinge. The color is then topped off with a clear gloss to add shine to the eyes.

TIP: For the Marni show, the clear gloss was only applied right before the girls stepped out the runway. You can also do this step last minute or after you’ve done your lips.


Start by painting your lips with a bright lipstick like MAC’s Crimson Lipmix and then blend in a little dark burgundy cream color for that extra drama. Dust off some pure red pigment powder to create more dimension to your lips.

Now it’s time for that blurred look on your lips. Take a Q-tip and dip it in loose powder than simply dab it on the edges of your lips like your blending and erasing.

While this look may have a haunting feel to it, it’s still so chic and a perfect way to add drama into any ensemble. If you love bold lips then this beauty look from Marni is one that you should definitely try.

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