’s Northern Hemisphere readers have already got the low-down on the summer scents they could bathe in, to tackle with the ongoing heat wave. But for the freezing souls on the other side of the equator, you’re being graced with the incomparable company of hot chocolates, cashmere mufflers, knee-high boots and hot water bottles hidden inside your blanket.

Indeed, the Southern Hemisphere is currently in its peak winter season, as a result of which you might see more grumpy people on the street than usual. These supremely low temperatures can be painful, but if you have leather tights, a Burberry trench and a husky warm perfume, consider all your worries gone for the remaining six weeks of this freshness.

The good news about applying perfumes in winter is that they sustain for longer periods, and you don’t need to reapply for five-six hours. However, picking a winter scent is like going to the bakery to buy the freshest batch of croissants. You must get the ones that give you a warm feeling of nostalgia and familiarity, but with a sense of newness. Winter scents demand warm, spicy and a tough woody spirit. You need accords of cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood and nutmeg to reside underneath your scarf and on the inside of your trench.

Even though we’re already into the winter season, if you’re still looking for a perfect winter fragrance or just for a mid-season change, then do curl up your leg warmers, tuck your hair in a beanie and prepare your noses for a scented trip to the winter wonderland of the season’s top four fragrances.

Cuddle in front of the fireplace with Serge Lutens’ Un Bois Vanille

Listening to the crackling sound of the fireplace while lazing in the living room, is the healthiest and most wonderful way to spend an icy cold night. As the walnut and oak wood deteriorates into ashes, and marshmallows turn toasty brown, a sweet whisper of Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille glides across the cosy ambience.

The organic essence of coconut and vanilla in this fragrance is honest to its surroundings, as they’re the chief notes in the scent. On settling into the skin, hints of toasted almonds, sandalwood and milky-caramel start to appear, but vanilla still monitors the life of the fragrance. Just like a warm hug, this rich, smoky and dark scent, with it unique aromatic flavours, embraces you in its fascinating sweetness.

So, what you waiting for? Turn the kettle on, light a cinnamon candle and let the richness of vanilla whisk you off your feet. Besides, true love has no seasonal barriers, right?

serge lutens un bois vanille

Enjoy red wine and a cheese platter with Diptyque Philosykos

With the change of season, you’ve replaced the chilly glass of champagne with a textured warm glass of red, so it only makes sense if you add a wheel of camembert, some sesame crackers and dried fruits to the mix. And while you’re doing so, spritz Diptyque Philosykos on your wrists as well.

This classic scent is as raw and unadulterated as the nip in the air outside the window. When you bite into a slice of cheddar, you get a hit from its top notes of virgin fig leaves. The spiciness blends in with the milky flavours of the scent, giving you an urge to top up your glass with more (alcoholic) grape juice. The night eventually fades into a disco-lit haze, and the bottom notes of the scent lead you to the forest enthralled with wood.

Similar to the first sip of Merlot, the initial sniff of this Parisian scent will make you wince. But as it dries and accustoms itself to your skin, Philosykos will soon become your best friend.

diptyque pilosykos

Discover yourself under the hundred thousand layers of clothing with Roberto Cavalli

It’s easy to lose yourself amongst the layers of cashmere, fur, leather and wool in the icy cold months of winter. When you’re so packed under these many layers of clothes, finding your signature scent can prove to be incredibly challenging. Where are the pulse points and where’s the exposed skin?

Since winter’s beloved woollens have made zilch contribution towards identifying with a distinguished scent, the strong notes in Roberto Cavalli’s latest fragrance might assist in pulling you out of the unscented frozen puddle. This feminine fragrance opens with vibrant amber-floral tones of African orange flower and pink peppers. The upper notes shed off and the sweet but husky undertones of vanilla and tonka bean unveil themselves.

Mark your calendars and keep this fragrance for the last week of winter. Wear it as a tribute to the three-dreary-months of cold winds and scaly skin, and let its sensual floral tones preview the first week of glorious spring.

roberto cavalli perfume

Explore your sexuality with Vengeance Extrême

Baby, when it’s cold outside, it has to be warm inside. While keeping things spicy in the bedroom, if you happen to run out of ideas, then perhaps a scented prop or two could help out in exploring your wild side.

Juliette Has a Gun’s Vengeance Extrême is a provocative and intense scent that would pull your lover boy out of his cold snap and into your arms. The strong blend of patchouli, rose petals and vanilla add up to categorising this fragrance as a winter scent. This perfume embodies a confident, independent and carefree woman who isn’t the one to abide by the rules. The fragrance is a risk-taker, as it plays with unusual accords of nature, much like this woman in the bedroom.

Who says you can’t have fun in -10 degree Celsius?

Juliette has a gun Vengeance Exreme

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