If one wants to make a statement, the colour of choice would be red. This bright and bold colour represents a lot of things like love, passion and even anger. It is known as a colour that can invoke very strong feelings or emotions. Red makes heads turn, it makes people stand out and it is a colour that you will surely notice (ever wonder why most road signs are in red?) Because of what this colour represents, it is only fitting that it becomes a signature of the eighties. Vibrant and full of life, this decade is one that a lot of designers look to for inspiration this fall 2012 and one such designer is Marc Jacobs.

For his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, Marc Jacobs went for a ‘sophisticated 80s’ inspiration. To get the overall look, he teamed up with Dick Page, the Artistic Director for Shiseido cosmetics. This collaboration between the two artists resulted to a beauty look that features a strong and bold red lip colour with natural looking or bare eyes. This beauty look reminded me of a childhood cartoon, nevertheless, it is gorgeous and great for creating an impact. Check out the how-to right after the break.

How to: bold lips, bare eyes beauty look


Flawless looking skin is in important part of this look. To get it, start by priming your skin with a moisturizer to keep it healthy. You can also use an all-in-one primer that has moisturizer and SPF.

Next, apply a good layer of foundation all over your face. Try to apply it as evenly as you can and then use concealer in areas where extra attention is needed. I would suggest using a matte foundation because the skin for this look has a fresh matte effect.
Set your foundation by applying powder all over your face but make sure you don’t overdo it. You’re only doing this for that matte effect and not to look like a geisha.


This look features clean and defined eyebrows and to do this you will an eye shadow shade close to your hair colour. Take a brush and apply shadow all over your eyebrows, filling in where needed and shaping it well.

bold eyes bare lips


Though this look has bare looking eyes, you still need to put on some eye shadow. You can use a shimmery shade of light gold or light brown for a natural highlighted look. Apply it on your lid just above the crease of your eye using a brush. You’re best off with a light coat of shadow thatís enough to highlight your eyes.

bold eyes bare lips


The lips are the highlight or main focus of this beauty look. To get that bold look, you will need a matte lipstick in a bright red colour and a small brush to put in on precisely. Apply one coat, blot and then finish it off with another coat of lipstick. This gives your lipstick a solid color.

Tip: if you want your lips to stand out more, you can highlight them. Apply a highlighting powder around your lips and then proceed with applying your lipstick. This will add more dimension to your lips therefore really making it the focus of the whole look.

bold eyes bare lips

Pair this look with a slick ponytail or a bun to really get that strong sophisticated 80s vibe.

marc by marc jacobs red lips

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