‘New Vintage’ was the theme for Chanel’s haute couture fall 2012 show in Paris, last week, and it spread it across all realms of the runway show. The newness shone through the make-up look for the show, especially with the modern take on a traditional moon manicure.

Without diving into the crazy side of nail artistry, global creative director of Chanel, Pete Philips, twisted a traditional manicure into a two-toned, sophisticated nail art.

As this was Chanel’s first attempt at introducing nail art into their shows, this look is perfect for those who have always abided by a safe and simple manicure. You don’t need any special tools or stencils for this. It’ll give the nails a new look, whilst it can easily be done at home.

The look is a two-tone shimmery silver base with a stripe of Barbie pink and for it you’ll need: a silver polish, a bubble-gum pink polish, a base coat, topcoat and a steady hand.

Tip: When choosing a silver polish, ensure it’s well pigmented, so it can act as a solid base for this look. The pink nail polish should have a shiny glossiness.

chanel pink and silver nails

Chanel’s haute couture nails: the how to

Prep the nails by painting the nails with a thin layer of a nourishing base coat. Peter Philips used Chanel’s Base Protectrice on the models’ for the show. This base will extend the longevity of your nail art to follow.
Paint the nails with generous coat of the silver polish, this will act as the base of the manicure. Stay close to the cuticles, but remember to not paint over them. Don’t double coat this, as it’ll get too thick. Chanel Le Vernis ‘Silver’ was used for the show, however you can pick a more metallic shade, if suited. Wait for the silver polish to completely dry, before moving on.
Paint a vertical line straight down the center of the nail, leaving a gap on both sides and around the cuticle. Apply two-three coats of this, as you want the pink polish to appear as a solid colour in the middle of each nail. Philips used Chanel’s Le Vernis ‘May’ for the show.
Wait for the nails to dry completely (very important), and finish off with a layer of topcoat.

chanel couture nails runway

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