Perfectly now and yet enraptured by a strong nostalgia for the past, Chanel’s fall 2013 makeup look is one every party girl will want to add to her arsenal of show-stopping beauty tricks. Eyes were flecked by pieces of glitter that not only lined the lid but clung gently to the eyelashes like shimmering fallen snow. Lead makeup artist Peter Philips made sure the look was one that caught the light from every angle, and caught everyone’s attention in the process.

What we love about this is that it doesn’t go over the top on the bedazzling, nor is it too difficult to replicate at home or adapt to your own liking.

We’ll have some extra detail on exact products soon, in the meantime you can find out how to recreate Chanel’s glitter-dusted beauty look by following the steps after the break.

MORE: you can also try Chanel’s spring 2014 couture sparkling eyes for another variation.

How to: Chanel’s glittery beauty look

Prep the face by applying a moisturiser and primer. This will help keep the skin soft and fresh and will help your makeup last longer.
Apply foundation for a natural and even skin tone, adding concealer under the eyes and wherever else necessary. Chanel’s Perfection Lumière foundation was used backstage to get that flawless look.

chanel glittery eye makeup

Apply a cream blush to the cheeks for a soft, feminine look. Chanel used a carnation pink cream blush called Inspiration which will be released in their upcoming fall range.

For the eyes: the focus here is obviously on the sparkling metallic glitter that clusters across the top lid and lashes. Peter Philips and the Chanel team used makeup glue to carefully stick chunky pieces of silver and gold glitter to the top lid.

First, dot the glitter pieces along the top lash line – using a cotton-tip to align them in place as you see fit – and then to complete the Chanel look add some pieces to the ends of the lashes.

chanel glitter beauty look

Rather than over-do the glitter by also putting it on the bottom, the Chanel runway went for a more mod look. Chanel’s Le Crayon Khôl in Noir was used under the bottom lash line, drawn outwards and down at the outer corner for a wide-eyed and retro-inspired look.
Accompany the beauty look with complimentary nail polish to match. Chanel went for a softly feminine shade called “Milky Rose” from their upcoming fall makeup range.

Looking at just how gorgeous glitter-dusted eye makeup is, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to find that it’s on-trend in 2014. You can find more tutorials for the look below and you can, and will want to, find out about all of spring 2014’s beauty looks by following that link to our seasonal guide.

here's how you can recreate chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Here's how you can recreate Chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Chanel's iridescent, sparkling eye makeup from the couture runway for spring 2014 is perfect for those nights out that demand a little something extra. Featuring winged liner on top and a sprinkling of glittery sparkles below, it's a look you can make your own.

how to: jason wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

How to: Jason Wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

Sure, all that glitters is not gold, but you're not going to want to avoid the gold interpretation of spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make up trend. Straight from Jason Wu's catwalk, our tutorial for rose-gold glittery eye make-up will have you perfecting the beauty statement in no time.

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