Chanel’s haute couture spring 2014 beauty look is nothing if not the embodiment of everything couture stands for: sophistication, lightness and edge, enraptured with just a spark of the finest extravagance. Peter Philips’ dramatic iridescent eye-makeup is sure to establish itself as a prominent spring 2014 beauty trend due to the flawless mixture of translucent silver and kaleidoscopic colored pieces envisioned as to transcend time.

Refreshed with an attitude that speaks of the present, the beauty look is editorial at its best, but it’s also incredibly easy to replicate and to be made your own. A thick black winged eyeliner on the top lid, and a line of sparkling glitter along the lower lid are the two main elements that can be reimagined, reworked or emulated to fit every girl’s most brilliant party repertoire.

Find out how to recreate Chanel’s dramatic iridescent look by following the steps after the break.

How to: Chanel’s iridescent beauty look

Begin to prep the face by applying both moisturizer and primer. These will keep the skin feeling soft and looking fresh, while also helping your makeup last longer.
Apply foundation to create a matte finish, allowing the eyes to be the only ones reflecting true shine. Backstage, Peter Philips used the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation, due for a March release, to achieve the perfectly-gorgeous look.
Tap a tiny amount of powder blush on the cheeks and also across the chin. Chanel used the Joues Contraste in Espiegle, for a soft, matte finish.

chanel sparkling eye makeup

For the eyes: Start by adding a thick, winged stroke of black liquid liner across the top lid and proceed by applying generous coats of mascara to make the eyes truly pop. Chanel’s Ligne Graphique liquid liner was used for the runway show.
Under the lower lashes – which were kept bare – Peter Philips applied hologram glitter in all manner of sizes by carefully adhering them using makeup glue.

chanel sparkling eye makeup ondria hardin

To finish off the look, barely-there pink lips were created using Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Satisfaction that ensured the lips came across fresh and naturally tinted.
Complement the iridescent look with a matching nail polish, by adding subtle sparkle on the nails as well. Chanel opted for Le Vernis in Frisson, a gorgeous rose-coloured shimmering lacquer.

chanel sparkling eyes magda laguinge

There you have it: an iridescent, head-turning look that will have you ready to be the life of any party. Simply go for more or less glitter depending on the occasion, your outfit and your mood.

But, of course, this isn’t the only interpretation of iridescence for spring 2014: glittery eye makeup is a summer trend this year. You can find more tutorials below, or get up to speed on all of spring 2014’s beauty trends by following that link to our seasonal guide.

how to: chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

How to: Chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

Glitter on the top, or glitter on the bottom. These are two of your choices for indulging in spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make-up trend. Read this tutorial for Chanel's glitter eye on top, and be sure to wear it with fake eye lashes for a beauty look that truly pops.

how to: jason wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

How to: Jason Wu's rose-gold glittery eye make-up

Sure, all that glitters is not gold, but you're not going to want to avoid the gold interpretation of spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make up trend. Straight from Jason Wu's catwalk, our tutorial for rose-gold glittery eye make-up will have you perfecting the beauty statement in no time.

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