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Epitomizing the strong, independent, sexy woman of today, a pair of powerful red lips are about as classic as classic gets, but when a red mouth is turned into fashion week material, you can bet things are slightly shifting from the traditional.

As it was the case at Prada fall 2016, where lips of cherry-red were taken to the next level with a rich, matte shade bearing lots of dimension, basically the kind of statement bright lip you’ll want to last you all day. And the trick to make the cherry-red pout long-lasting? Prep the lips with a layer of foundation, followed by a layer of concealer, and one of a dusting of translucent powder, and then set them with colour.

Keep the rest of the makeup as simple as possible, and replicate the effortless look at Prada with damp, slicked-down strands.

Catch the complete Prada fall 2016 fashion show at this link.

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