We featured the editorial, The Elegance of Red and White, shot by Toby Marosszeky on Fashionising.com, not so long ago. Its vintage appeal enacts with the 1950s-modern-housewife aesthetic, making these shots stand out amongst the very many vintage-themed photoshoots of today.

Taking partial credit for its prominence is the make-up in each frame. Sydney-based make-up artist, Nicola Johnson, is the mastermind behind creating this glam, 1950s look for Toby Marosszeky’s camera to capture.

Despite the now-common occurrence of wine-stained lips and cat eyes in the industry, there comes a trick to put the whole package together, successfully.

Acting as an ideal example, this timeless make-up look is too good to be forgone; Nicola takes Fashionising.com through the step-by-step process to recreate this look at home.

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The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)
The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)
The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)
The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)
The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)
The Elegance Of Red & White by Toby Marosszeky (NSFW)

Shoot Credits
The Elegance Of Red & White
Photography by Toby Marosszeky assisted by Andrew Smith
Model: Baliee @ EMG Models
Stylist: Giarne Wedes
Hair & Make Up: Nicola Johnson using Lash Republic & Kevin Murphy


Since the look is an oxymoron between vintage and modernity, this sun-kissed skin with soft contouring and matte finish acts as a perfect companion.

Even before you touch the make-up bag, cleaning your skin and preparing it, for the products to come, is vital. On the day of the shoot, Nicola put to use the basic beauty rules of skincare on the model: cleanse-moisturise-prime.

Once the primer was left onto the skin for 2-3 minutes to dry, liquid foundation was massaged onto the face, using fingers, so to really warm and acquaint the colour on the skin.

The emphasis on contouring the cheekbones was very little for this shoot, however, Nicola did apply a stroke of warm-hued blush on the model’s cheeks.

If you want to convert this into a strong look for the evening, refer back to our contouring steps.


This season, the cat eyes can either escalate to a degree of drama or subdue themselves to an almost unnoticed level. However, when a photoshoot channels a particular genre or beauty icon, it tends to stay really close to its original aspects.

Similar was seen in this shoot, where the liquid eyeliner was flicked in a traditional manner, just so it could create a balance for the contradicting architectural clothes.

Apart from using a gel liner to create the cat eye flick, Nicola used a neutral and warm eye shadow palette to create a base on the eyelids.

When translating this look for yourself, don’t go overboard with the eye shadow hues here, as this is just to create a base for the gel eyeliner and add a subtle kiss of colour on the lids.

The red lips are the main character of this look; hence other distractions on the face must be avoided.

classical beauty look


Going with the classic fifties bombshell look, an iconic maroon tint on the lips is seen on the lips here. The velvet texture with a mirroring gloss is all that you need for the lippy to last you an entire night – even after a few alcoholic beverages.

But to make this happen, follow these how-to steps for the lips:

Use a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. This will get rid of all dead and dry skin on the lips and aid in making the lip colour last longer.
When wearing a bold lip colour, it’s important to prep and hydrate the pout. Dab on a creamy balm or a lip primer on the lips prior to painting a colour on them.
If you want your lipstick colour to last you a good 8-10 hours, fill in the lips with a lip liner and trace around the edge of the lips using feathery strokes. Nicola advises to smile while doing this, “so that your lips are slightly tight”. This will create a solid base for your lipstick to sit on.
To make your pout look fuller, Nicola says to dust the lips with either a shimmery eye shadow or a loose translucent powder. Stay as close to the outline of the lip as possible.
Fill your lips with the bold lip colour using a brush. Start with the inside corner of your mouth and work inwards towards the centre of the lip.

Nicola used Dior’s Rouge 644 lipstick for this shoot, and kept the edges of the lips soft for a bee-stung effect.

View all of Toby Marosszeky’s shoot, featuring this elegant beauty look, at the gallery above.

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