Borrowing inspiration from the runway is something we all attempt to do, at least at one point in our fashionable existence. Either we’re talking clothing, hair or make-up, there’s no denying in the fact that there’s an enticing world opening up on the catwalk, filled with endless possibilities and a never-ending source of excitement. Sadly, in terms of beauty, not everything is built upon simplicity, nor wearability.

Leaving the overly dramatic and the utterly complicated for the expert hands, we switch focus to those pretty little spring 2014 makeup ideas we spotted on the runways, bearing details able to shake things up in both your morning and your evening routines, in matter of minutes. Little twists that won’t require hours of practice and that instead will have you eager to sit in front of the mirror and start experimenting.

In no particular order, here are 10 makeup ideas you should try out this spring.

10 easy makeup tricks

Easy makeup ideas for spring 2014

Choose the fresh way of doing pastels.

Leave it to the makeup artists to constantly imagine new ways of wearing pastel eye-shadow come spring. At Holly Fulton, a lavander wash of colour was instantly made modern by the way of a simple, yet effective twist. Try it at home but remember to leave a small gap just above your lash line and go right up to the brow when applying the eye shadow.

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easy makeup ideas

Dust your eyelashes with a few gilded accents.

The fact that gold is a key component of spring 2014’s exquisite take on beauty probably doesn’t come as a surprise. If a gold glittery make-up is too much of a look for you, indulge in a poetic interpretation of the trend, as seen at Dries Van Noten. There is where makeup artist Peter Philips carefully cut a metallic string into tiny strips that he then glued (up to 5-7 pieces) along the lash lines, using a pair of tweezers and professional makeup adhesive.

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easy makeup ideas

Play with the reverse cat eye.

The cat eyes reigned supreme on the spring 2014 runways, but a new season calls for something less classical and definitely more modern. This is where Lucia Pieroni’s Japanese inspired graphic eye makeup acts like a breath of fresh air. Sharp and innovative, find the complete tutorial for the reverse cat eye at this link, to rock all season long.

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easy makeup ideas

Try the subtle take on blue eyeshadow.

Another one of this spring’s prominent makeup trends invites you to fully indulge in blue eyeshadow, appearing to state the louder the look, the better. But what if a loud make-up look isn’t part of your daily repertoire? Try the subtle sapphire eyes instead, as seen at Tess Giberson. To achieve the look, apply a shimmering cream eye colour in midnight blue close to the lashes before blending it with lip balm to disperse the shade.

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easy makeup ideas

Replace the red with soft pink.

If you’re ready to kiss the red lips goodbye, perhaps it’s time to coat your lips in something softer, thus sweeter. At Carolina Herrera, the baby pink lips came as a result of make-up artist Diane Kendal fusing together no less than three lip colours, amongst them a matte lip pencil, for more of a gorgeous textured result.

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easy makeup ideas

Mix things up with white liner.

Inspired by the ease of the California cool girls, the makeup at Kenzo focused on the eyes. Replacing the black liner with a white iteration, the look gained a sudden youthfulness. To recreate the look, simply apply a very thin, straight line of acrylic paint across the upper lash line, giving up on the mascara, the shadow and the contours altogether. Take a small Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover and clean the outer corners of the line into a blunt, square edge.

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easy makeup ideas white eyeliner

Use a chocolate colored pencil to make your eyes pop.

If you seek an effortless beauty look that should ultimately feel like wearing no makeup at all, but that has your eyes popping quite unexpectedly, this one’s for you. Try using a a nearly imperceptible chocolate liner along the top and lower lashes, softening the lines with a Q-tip coated in a tint of moisturizer. The combination of pencil and cream will make the lids look dewy with just the perfect amount of colour.

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easy makeup ideas

Blur the edges with a muted red lip.

Despite having spring welcoming a warmer palette of colours, the red lips still managed to somehow dominate the 2014 runways. Amongst all the iterations, the muted red lip at Mary Katrantzou stood out most, perhaps due to its cool, blurred edges. If you’re on the lookout for an easy, but dramatic make-up look, do pair a super highlighted skin with this timeless red stain.

If you’re afraid of a bold red lip, try blurring the edges: apply a matte pencil over the outer edge of the lips and a concealer to erase the natural colour of the lips. Use a red lipstick and a blending brush to create the stained effect, and finish off with a basic red pigment blended all throughout the center of the lower lip.

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easy makeup ideas

Go for bold blocks of ice gem colours.

Some days beg for a fresh-faced beauty look, others instead ask for something more adventurous, more vibrant and more exciting. The inspiration you might be seeking out for the latter comes from MM6 Martin Margiela, where bold blocks of ice gem colours where used on the lids to add shape and shading to a otherwise bare face. Go for strips of lilac, yellow, orange, white and blue for the ultimate graphic look.

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easy makeup ideas

Adorn your nails with a crosshatch windowpane grid.

Pretty nails never go out of style and thanks to the wave of inspiration coming straight from the runway they are never about to go dull either. This season, mix the pretty and the edgy by adorning your nails with a crosshatch windowpane grid a la Tracy Reese. The only things you will be needing are a blue, white or green base, a black nail polish and a steady hand.

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easy makeup ideas


Easy makeup ideas for fall 2013

Add a graphic line in an unexpected place.

There are days when a full make-up won’t do, but leaving the eyes bare wouldn’t exactly work either. Serving as a substitute for a subtle cat eye and adding a modern twist to a retro ‘60s look, Rag & Bone’s graphic eye make-up will have you rediscover the fun of using gel liner.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Contrast colours on the top and bottom lids.

In working with eye-shadows on a daily bases, there comes a point when inspiration starts lacking completely. That is when a mix of metallic and matte shadows in contrasting hues can easily revitalize your make-up routine by keeping things pretty and uncomplicated.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Use lipstick as blush.

If you care to take a break from your blush, but you still strive to achieve a romantic and natural-looking flush, try mixing two lipsticks onto your cheeks the next time you’re heading out. Any shades of red, peach, pink and orange will work out wonderfully.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Add dimension to nails with a metallic accent.

Nothing easier than to add new dimensions to your daily beauty looks through some pretty and unique nails. Even better when the inspiration comes straight from the runway. At Prabal Gurung, the olive green nails were topped off with a delicate gold V accent.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Go all-out on glitter for special occasions.

The glitter-dusted eye make-up gained whimsical proportions at Chanel, in a look every girl will want to try out at least once this fall. Colliding glamour with a modern sense of playfulness, this beauty trick is better saved for one very special occasion.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Play with gradients on lips.

Lips that start-off super strong only to fade all of the sudden towards reaching the bottom, make for another beautiful makeup twist. Build the alluring gradient using both a rich tangerine and a nude lipstick, allowing the lips to do all the talking this fall.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Apply some lip gloss – to your eyes.

A touch of vaseline, transparent lip gloss or petroleum jelly carefully layered on top of a bronze eyeshadow can take you from looking lovely to looking super-chic, before you can say glossy. This fall is all about using your favourite products in unexpected ways.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Mix lip colours for a wine-stained look.

We said it once and we will probably say it time and time again: this season fell hard under the spell of the dramatic dark lips. Amongst them, the wine-stained alternatives promote an intense and super strong look. Don’t be shy in blending products and hues in order to put a twist on the trend. At Derek Lam, the unique color was the result of mixing together two reddish lipsticks and a graphite cream eye shadow.

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Make-up ideas for fall

Go for texture as well as shine.

This season is more clear than ever in pointing out texture as key to an enhanced and modern beauty look. At Giambattista Valli, the cellophane eyes took center stage. A thick stripe of shimmering eyeshadow adds a futuristic twist to a look meant to stand out.

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Makeup ideas for fall

Try the half smokey eye for twice the impact.

The intense smokey eyes will never be out, but this season dares you to step outside the box. Instead of creating a full smokey eye, try a half smokey eye for once in a look that is equally strong, but far more adventurous and different.

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Makeup ideas for fall

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