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Today, every girl wants to be a princess,” but even if this scenario doesn’t appeal to you, we bet you’ll still find plenty of swoon-worthy reasons to enjoy escaping in Dolce & Gabbana’s latest fashion fantasy. Amongst them, the fairy tale princess makeup revised: fresh, natural, gorgeous, just perfect for spring.

To achieve the runway look start with a luminous base, and complement the porcelain skin with a sweep of creamy bronzer across the cheeks for a natural-looking flush. Follow up with a subtle and soft smoky eye in shades of nude pink and charcoal purple, and use a nude eyeliner on the inner rim of the eyes.

Inspired by blooming flowers, layer the lips in various shades of pink opting for a darker and glossier shade for the center of the lips.

View the complete Dolce & Gabbana Disney fairy tale-inspired fall 2016 fashion show at the link.

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