Fendi’s Nordic inspired collection for fall 2012 struck the audience in awe as the models walked down the runway like warrior princesses. Ready for the hunt and built to melt hearts, the warrior models served as mirrors of what women can do today.

A contrast of different textures, this collection was supported by a feathery white beauty look that features a stark contrast between white and black. Makeup artist Peter Philips used strong eyeliner to capture the strength of the collection while the white feathery eyeshadow brought grace and femininity. Who said warriors can’t be pretty? Lucky for us, we don’t have to go through the forest and back to get this sophisticated savage look. Check out the steps after the break.

feathery white eyeshadow

How to: feathery white eye makeup


Before anything else, make sure you wash your face well and apply a good amount of moisturizer. This will keep your skin healthy and helps keep your makeup in place. You can opt to use a makeup primer with SPF and moisturizing capabilities.

To create a flawless base for this look, you will have to apply foundation with a brush or a sponge evenly on your face. You can also use concealer for areas like under your eyes and other dark spots. Set the foundation with a bit of matte powder; don’t forget to pay attention to oil prone areas like your T-zone.


This look has very natural eyebrows. You can keep them as-is or you can use eyeshadow and a brush to fill them out very lightly if you want them more defined. Make sure that the inner part of your brow is the darkest part and it should become lighter as you move outward.

fendi fall 2012 beauty

Now it’s time to put on the eyeshadow. For this look, you will need one that is white. For the Fendi show, the eyeshadow was just applied to the outer half of the eyelids but feel free to move it inward or outward. The more important thing is how it is applied: take a good amount of eyeshadow and apply it on your lid moving in a diagonal direction going towards your temples. You can use your hands or a brush but make sure you apply it in sweeping motions to get that brushed effect.
To enhance that feathery look, take a cotton tip, apply a bit of shadow on it and use it to create more brush strokes on your lid. Use this to create uneven lines for that feathered look on your eyes especially on the area on top of your eyebrows.

Tip: If you want a more everyday look, you can apply the eyeshadow only on your lids, just right above your crease, instead of going up past your eyebrows. Just sweep it towards the outer corners of your eyes for that brushed look.

After applying your white eyeshadow, it’s now time to create that contrast using eyeliner. The best eyeliner to use would be a liquid one but you can also use a gel liner with a brush. Take your eye liner and draw a line right above your lash line. The line starts in the middle of your eyelid and gets thicker as you end it right above the outer corner of your eye.
With an eyelash curler, curl your lashes and apply a good amount of mascara. You can repeat this step again if you want more defined eyelashes.


The cheeks for this beauty look are strong, so you will need to get a dark shade of blush and apply it lightly over the jaw line going towards the ear. The blush serves more as contour; that’s why the apple of the cheek is left colorless.


Having very bold eyes, this look doesn’t really need a strong lip color. You are best off with a very light shade like a nude pink.

feathery white eye makeup

Pair this up with Fendi-style twisted braids for that true Nordic beauty look, or for a more everyday look keep it simple with a slick ponytail.

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