Strong and beautiful are words that encapsulate Alberta Ferretti’s fall / winter 2012 collection which was shown during Milan fashion week. We are used to seeing romance and glamour in her collections but we fawned over her new collection which was darker. It was an ode to the modern woman who despite the problems in the world today, would still walk with her held high – and of course her high heels.

This darker, tougher yet still graceful vibe was greatly supported by the makeup worn by the models. It was all about enhancing the features giving a strict and clean look that went well with the collection. This look was all about being natural, foregoing the colors and opting to go for a more flawless glossy look. Perfect not just for the runways, it is a daytime look that will surely make you feel empowered and all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

glossy natural beauty look


Prep your face by washing it and applying makeup base. Applying makeup base before anything else will let your makeup stay on longer and keeps your skin looking healthy.

Next, apply foundation all over your face. This look is about being flawless and the best way to do this is by putting a good amount of foundation on. You can also apply concealer if necessary.


Make your eyebrows look stronger by filling them out with eye shadow using a brush.

bette franke beauty


Prime your eyelids with clear lip gloss. This will give your eyes that shine needed to pull this look off.

For the eyes, you will need three very natural or neutral shades of matte brown eye shadow. The first you will use is the lightest one. Apply it all over your eyelid until under your eye brows. This will serve as a highlighter for your brow bone.

The second shade you will apply is a darker shade. Apply it until just right under your brow bone and don’t forget to blend it with the first shade you applied; we don’t want strong eye shadow lines.

The darkest eye shadow shade’s main purpose is to contour your eyes and make them pop. To do this you need to apply it on the crease of your eye and then blend it using small circular strokes with a blending brush. Apply the same eye shadow to your lower eyelids for a natural smoky effect.

Next thing you do is you take an eyeliner and tight line your upper eyelid. Tight lining is when you apply eyeliner on the lash line instead of the skin right above it. This brightens up your eyes in a more natural looking way.

To finish up your eyes, curl your lashes and put a light coat of mascara on. Remember to curl your lashes in three different sections to avoid them from looking fake.

glossy natural beauty


After the eyes, you can now apply blush on your cheeks. Start with a bone colored shade on the apples of your cheeks and then go for a darker blush shade as you move from your jaw line towards your ears. This will give you that contour that will enhance your features.

Highlight and gloss

Take clear lip gloss and using your fingers, dab it right above your cheek bones and above your eye brows. This will highlight your features and give you that natural glossy beauty look.


Finish your make up off with a neutral or natural shade of lipstick.

alberta ferretti backstage

Now your glossy natural beauty look is ready to take on the world!

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