Forget the days when glitter was used as an emphasis intended to increase the already existing spark of the Christmas season, because if there’s something spring 2014’s make-up trends keep on pointing out, is that glitter became beauty’s newest statement of modern luxury. While the trend was established for those in the know by Chanel’s dramatic iridescent Haute Couture look, there is clearly more than one way you can indulge in glitter, all throughout the year.

At Jason Wu spring / summer 2014, the gorgeous rose-gold glittery eye make-up was fearlessly paired to relaxed daytime clothes light in colour and weight, which can only mean glitter is now expected to take over the hours before the sun sets as well. Of course, if you decide to start your day with a good dose of sparkle on the eyes, we care to remind you restraint should be in order.

But regardless of how and when you choose to emulate this stunning look, you’ll be happy to know the result is not all that hard to achieve. Find all about the products you’ll be needing and the steps to follow, after the break.

rose gold glitter eye makeup

How to: Jason Wu’s rose-gold glitter eye make-up

Begin by prepping the face using a moisturizer and a skin correcting serum, adding concealer under the eyes for a clean, immaculate finish. Backstage at Jason Wu, Diane Kendal for Lancôme used the DreamTone Skin Correcting Serum before applying Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Duo, and the Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer.
For the eyes: To ensure a long-lasting make-up, begin by applying a primer all over the lid. At Jason Wu, the Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Duo was also used on the lid as a base.
Pick a smoky, smudgy eye pencil in a dark shade and draw a fine line along the crease. Smudge the line in the creases for shading and blend it in using a fluffy brush. Diane Kendal used Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee.

rose gold glitter eyes

Next, go over the line again, this time brushing a shimmery light brown color onto it, remembering to leave the middle of the lid bare. The Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette in Bronze Amour was the product used at Jason Wu.
After that, add a thin line of black eyeliner very close to the upper lashline, curl the lashes and coat them with mascara. Jason Wu went for Lancôme Artliner in Noir and the Hypnôse Star Mascara.

The glitter: Using a damp brush (dipping the brush in water and then diping it in glitter, prevents the product from falling onto the rest of the face) apply a rose-gold glitter on the center of the eye.

Tips: You can clean up the excess using a bit of tape, and you can also hold a tissue below the eye when applying the makeup, to minimize dispersion. Also, you can skip adding sparkles on the brow bone and corners of the eyes, where they may look too intense.

rose gold glitter eyes

To keep the rest of the face low-key and allow the eyes to do all the talking, dust of a touch of pale pink blush on the cheeks. Diane Kendal used the Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose from Lancôme.
Seeing this isn’t a look meant to be completed with a statement lip, finish off the make-up adding a light lip balm on the lips. The models at Jason Wu sported the Baume in Love in the shade Rose in Love on their lips.

rose gold glitter eyes

For two other interpretation of summers’s glittery eye makeup trend, you can look at these other tutorials. You can also find out about all of spring 2014’s makeup trends by clinking that link.

here's how you can recreate chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Here's how you can recreate Chanel's sparkling couture makeup at home

Chanel's iridescent, sparkling eye makeup from the couture runway for spring 2014 is perfect for those nights out that demand a little something extra. Featuring winged liner on top and a sprinkling of glittery sparkles below, it's a look you can make your own.

how to: chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

How to: Chanel's glitter-dusted eye makeup

Glitter on the top, or glitter on the bottom. These are two of your choices for indulging in spring / summer 2014's glitter eye make-up trend. Read this tutorial for Chanel's glitter eye on top, and be sure to wear it with fake eye lashes for a beauty look that truly pops.

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