It’s a new year and soon a new season will be coming in. By that time, most of us will temporarily ditch the winter garb and opt for more laid back ensembles. The same holds true for make up: spring 2013 is just around the corner and it will soon be time to update our beauty looks. One of the budding makeup trends for spring 2013 is the “blushed” look. This look utilizes the color pink to create a soft, youthful vibe that is perfect for spring.

MAC cosmetics lead artist, Polly Osmond created a blushing look for the Christian Siriano spring / summer 2013 show at New York fashion week. Inspired by ballerinas right after dance rehearsal, this look is a play on pink and high lighter that anyone can easily recreate for themselves. Read on after the break to get the how-to for this blushing ballerina beauty look.

blushing ballerina beauty

How to: blushing ballerina beauty look


Start this beauty look off by prepping up your face with a good moisturizer or a make up primer. This will keep your skin healthy and makes your make up last longer.

Next step is to get the flawless skin and to do this you’ll need to put on foundation evenly all over your face. If you have spots or areas that need extra coverage you can use a concealer to cover them after putting on your foundation.
Contour your face using a blush in a natural pink shade. Do this all over including your forehead, jawline and the side of your nose. This really gives out that blushing look.
Now it’s time to highlight your face. Take some highlighter and apply it on the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and above your brows.

blushing beauty


Start working on your eyes by applying a nude or skin tone shade of eye shadow all over your lid. Then take some of the blush you used to contour your face and using a brush, dab it on your lids. The nude adds dimension to your eyes while the pink keeps the blushing ballerina look going.

Take some highlighter and dab on some on the inner corner of your eyes with a brush for a brightening effect.
Make your eyes pop by curling your lashes and putting on mascara on your top and lower lashes. A coat of mascara will suffice since this is a natural beauty look.


Create a more youthful look with full looking eyebrows. The best way to do this is using eye shadow that’s in the same color of your eyebrows. Take an eye shadow brush and draw on your brows. It’s best to keep your strokes light and short for full but still natural looking brows.


To finish this look, all you need to to put on lip color that’s in a natural shade of pink.

blushing ballerina beauty

You don’t really have to be a ballerina to rock this blushing look. Whether you wear it for day or night, it will surely complement your spring 2013 ensemble.

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