Smouldering eyes, strong eyebrows and nude lips: this is the Burberry beauty look model Cara Delevingne was wearing at the Anna Karenina premiere in London on September 4 and she looked nothing short of stunning. We all love how her eyes gave out a very mysterious vibe and how they really draw you in. It is a look perfect for the night and it was very Anna Karenina: beautiful and strong.

While Anna Karenina is a tragedy, there’s nothing tragic with the way Cara looked, in fact, she looked like an empowered modern woman who will make heads turn. Burberry Beauty knows how to make a woman look good in a few easy steps and we’re happy to share with you a tutorial on how to get this gorgeous beauty look right after the break.

cara delevingne beauty look

How to: Cara Delevingne’s smouldering beauty look


Before anything else, you will need a good base to work with. For this, you are best off with Burberry’s Fresh Glow liquid base. Aside from being a great make up base, it will also give your skin a natural and fresh looking glow through its dewy finish.

Once you’ve applied make up base, you can now making your face look flawless by putting on some foundation. For Cara Delevingne, Burberry Luminous Foundation in Trench no. 4 was used. For areas that need special attention, feel free to use a concealer like Burberry’s Sheer Concealer.
Set your foundation with a compact like Burberry’s Sheer Compact Foundation. Make sure you use the same shade as your foundation; you don’t want your face to look lighter than your natural skin tone.


Before working on your eyes, take an eye shadow or an eye brow pencil to define your eyebrows. The eyebrows for this look are pretty strong so don’t be afraid to apply a good amount of shadow or pencil.

The eyes for this beauty look are bold and beautiful. To get this, you will need Burberry’s Sheer Eye Shadows (or an equivalent) in midnight brown, mulberry and taupe brown.

Start with the midnight brown or the lightest eye shadow and apply it all over your lid. This serves as the base for your eyes.

burberry beauty eye colours
Burberry Beauty eyeshadow in midnight brown, mulberry and taupe brown

Next, take the taupe brown shade and apply it until right under your brow bone. Blend the edges well with the previously applied shadow using small circular strokes with a good blending brush. Apply this same shade under your eyes, just right below your lash line.
Take the darkest eye shadow, mulberry and apply it to your lid until right above the crease of your eye and under your eyes. Use your blending brush again to blend the lines between this eye shadow and the taupe one for a seamless look both on your upper lid and lower lash line.
For a stronger and bolder look, you will need to line your eyes with black eyeliner like Burberry’s Eye Definer in Midnight Black No. 1. Using this, define your water line, both upper and lower. Also line your upper lashes and for that smouldering look, take a cotton tip and a lightly smudge that line.
For beautiful lashes, you will need Burberry’s Mascara in Midnight black. Curl your upper lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a coat of mascara. Do this twice to really make your eyes pop. For your lower lashes, apply two coats of mascara to really define them.


Since this look features really strong eyes, there is really no need for strong lips. Take a lipstick in a neutral shade like Burberry’s Lip Mist in Nude Beach and apply it all over your lips.

For some dimension, top it off with a gloss like Burberry Lip Glow in Mocha No. 12.

burberry lip colours

That’s your smouldering beauty look sorted. If you want to match it with Cara Delevigne-style flowing but lightly tousled hair, follow our tutorial at that link.

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