Rules of the basics

Before we get started, here are a few basic rules to consider.

Prep-up the lips

Your lips are the canvas; you need to create a base before slapping on colour. The number rule is to never apply any product to dry, flaky lips. It’ll crack-up the colour and dry your lips after a few hours.
Dap some non-shiny balm or lip conditioner with your fingers, preferably a colour-free one. Try M.A.C. Prep + Prime for lips; its light texture and fragrance-free formula will smoothen the lips.

Colour selection

Stepping out of the neutral make-up zone, this season when you brave the coloured make-up trend be mindful of what suits your skin, hair and eye colour. As for a saturated lip, your hair colour is the most important aspect.
Darker hair (black and chocolate browns) compliment fresh, perky colours, like cherry red and citrus orange. For platinum blonde locks, a watermelon coral or cool pink would be ideal. Deeper plums, violet and magenta shades are not for the faint-hearted, so if you’re courageous at the hair salon, these timid shades are for you.
Having said that, whichever shade ends up in your shopping basket, the key is to ensure it doesn’t wear out your face. The colours are there to enhance your facial features, not drain them down.

Befriend the Lip Brush

An old school, grandmother tip that’s been kept under the shed for years, it’s time to bring back colour to the bristles. Keep the glamorous facet of putting on a lippy directly from the stick aside and get yourself a lip brush. Treat it like you’re painting your lips with a colour (canvas, remember?), and you need the colour to get inside the deepest crux of the lips. Reminisce of vintage bona fide; it would be unfair to carry on without this masterpiece.
Tip: To avoid a brush deluge in your beauty cupboard, clean a concealer brush and use it for the lips.

  1. Getting the basics right
  2. The lipstick colours for this season
  3. The all important how to
  4. Finishing the look