The modern girl already knows that the geometric eyes represent one of the chicest ways to add a little bit of edge, or to increase the contrasting note in any of the inspiring beauty looks building spring 2014’s makeup trends. Rock and roll but subdued, the minimalist cat-eye shown at Zadig & Voltaire for spring 2014 is effortless, uncomplicated yet incredibly cool-looking.

If you love to switch things up in the beauty department, use the following tutorial as an alternative cat eye and fear not transforming it into a modern statement. Find the complete how to, after the break.

minimalist triangle cat eye makeup

Minimalist cat eye makeup.

Despite having a fresh, ultra-chic look, this makeup is actually surprisingly simple to create. Make the eyes the focus by keeping the rest of the face fresh, luminous, and minimal. For the complete tutorial, follow the steps below.

minimalist cat eye how to

You’ll find that this particular beauty look is based upon a fresh, flawless complexion, so begin the process by applying a facial serum onto your skin to make sure the nutrients will reach all the deep layers of skin moisturizers usually can’t.

Next, apply your choice of moisturizer (preferably one that smoothes your complexion) to further hydrate your skin on the surface, followed by a thin layer of primer to minimize your pores and even out any differences in texture.

Distribute foundation equally all over the face and then choose to blend it in using a foundation brush to ensure that the product blends perfectly with the natural fluids in your skin. Choose a foundation with lots of luminosity to add a natural glow to the skin and blend it by moving the brush in small circles.
Use a concealer to hide any blemishes, under-eye circles, or any areas of redness (for the latter, make sure the concealer is one tone brighter than your foundation). Blend the concealer by tapping it gently with your ring finger. Set the look with a translucent powder, using a large fluffy powder brush to swirl the translucent powder all over your face. Add a swirl of peach blush just above the apple of the cheek.
Apply a transparent-formula lip gloss to enhance the natural rosy hue of your lips.
The eyes: Use a black eye pencil, or a liner brush accompanied by a gel eyeliner, to ensure the lines will appear perfectly smooth and continuous. Draw two parallel thin lines, one across your lash line, the other outlining the outer edge of your crease and connect the lines in a short wing. Keep the lines wholly within the socket and apply a light coat of mascara.

minimalist cat eye

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