The perfect nude makeup look.

To bring out the best natural beauty.

For a natural beauty look that gives a warm glow and doesn’t wash you out, opt for soft peachy-nude tones on both eyes and lips. This is a look that’s as perfect for the office as it is for lounging poolside in summer with slicked-back hair, a glamorous swimsuit and a good book. For the glowing natural beauty, the opportunities are endless.

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perfect nude makeup

Shoot credits

Photographer: Kelly Defina at
Makeup & Hair: Leonie Karagiannis at
Model: Kate Mac @ Chadwick

perfect nude makeup how-to step 1

Start with a flawless base and always brush up brows. For softer fuller brows, fill them in using an eyeshadow matched closest to the brow colour and apply using upward motions with an angle brush. Set with brow gel.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 2

Apply an iridescent peach eyeshadow starting on the lower mobile lid and blending softer to the brow.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 3

Using a soft taupe eyeshadow start by applying on the outer corner of the socket and then working along the crease no more than 3/4 of the way.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 4

Use a soft gold pigment in the inner corner of the eye to open up the eye area.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 5

Line very finely along the lash line with black liquid eyeliner. Add a subtle tick on the ends to elongate the eyes.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 6

Curl lashes and apply at least 2-3 coats of mascara making sure to separate lashes between coats to avoid clumping.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 7

Add a soft iridescent peach blush along the higher planes of the cheeks and working back softly into the hairline.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 8

Apply concealer lightly over the lips – this will help add trueness to the lip colour.

perfect nude makeup how-to step 9

Finish by brushing a creamy peach lipstick onto the lips.

perfect nude makeup

And there you have it – natural looking makeup that you can’t go wrong with.

You can experiment with shades to find the best combinations for your skin tone. And remember this is another look that transcends the seasons – for fall, try tones that are a little earthier and pair with darker nails for a still-natural yet seasonal variation.

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