Punky and futuristic, but coming to sight incredibly fresh and modern, this was the unconventional makeup look created by Charlotte Tilbury and inspired by the city of New York, seen sharpening the structural silhouettes at Donna Karan’s fall / winter 2014 presentation.

Charcoal lids coated with metallic creams and light layers of gloss, were paired to a radiant complexion and the softest lips for a look that quickly morphed into an extraordinary interpretation of fall beauty. You won’t want to miss on this gorgeous make-up look and we have you covered with an easy step-by-step tutorial. Find it after the break.

punky shimmer makeup

How to: Donna Karan’s punky and futuristic make-up look


Start by prepping your skin with a luxurious moisturizer meant to keep the skin hydrated and dewy. Using a concealer brush, proceed to cover up any blemishes, or areas of redness. Once you’ve got your skin looking healthy and clear, you can also choose to apply a primer to further smooth and perfect your skin for a radiant base, and to also help extend the wear of make-up.


To achieve the same flawless-looking complexion we witnessed at Donna Karan’s runway presentation, use a brush or your fingers to apply foundation. Do seek a foundation with illuminating pigments to instantly brighten your complexion and even your skin. Yo can then use the moisturizer again on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter, or you can spritz a hydrating toner all over your face to give it a dewy effect.


Seeing how the eyes are the main focus of the beauty look, start defining them by lining the waterlines of the eyes with a silky-smooth eyeliner. Charlotte used the M.A.C Pencil Line in the shade Phone Number, making sure to smudged it a bit on top of the lash line.

punky shimmer makeup

Choosing a silver metallic cream eyeshadow, begin to apply the product onto the lids towards the brow bone to highlight your features, gently adding a few dashes onto the inner corners of your eyes, as well as under the eyes for an overall smudgy effect. Using a darker shade of gray, proceed to give definition to the eyes by layering the shadow on the outer corners of your eyes, and just above the socket line.

Finish off the eye makeup with a light layer of gloss to achieve the same liquid silver effect seen beautifully sported by the models. Backstage at Donna Karan, Charlotte Tilbury kept the lashes bare and uncurled, gently brushing up the eyebrows to add even more focus on the metallic eyes.

punky shimmer makeup


While the lips were kept dewy and soft with an emollient lip balm, a bit of concealer was also added to them to tone down any sign of redness.

punky shimmer makeup

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