Leaving the house without a wing of eyeliner – for me – would be kind of like leaving the house in my pyjamas. I’m underdressed and incomplete without it.

Ordinarily I stick to eyeliners that are three things: black, liquid, and soft-tipped. I go for pens rather than wet eyeshadows and brushes, unless I’m mixing up colour, because – well – they’re less effort.

That said I’m open to experimenting with anything I can paint onto my eyelids so to mix it up I recently got my hands on Estee Lauder’s Quick-Thick Eyeliner.

Estee Lauder Quick Thick review

The byline reads eye-Liner impact instantané and what the product advertises in a few short lines proves rather true: it is indeed quick, thick and instantly impacty. Unlike the soft-tipped liners I normally give patronage to, Estee Lauder’s Quick-Thick is firm. It doesn’t glide along your eyelid like a soft paint brush, thus easily flicking out into a soft curve. It draws on more like a firm black marker.

Because of the firm point, the Quick-Thick turns out to be perfect for creating hard, thick lines. Bold lines. Hence the instant impact.

estee lauder quick thick eyeliner

Saying all that might make it sound like the product is more extreme than it actually is, or that you can’t use it for softer looks. You can, simply use the fine point of the tip. But its main strength is in its ability to quickly and easily achieve that thicker, bolder eyeliner look.

estee lauder quick thick eyeliner

Another huge plus for the Quick-Thick: its short, stubby size. I love anything that takes up minimal room in your handbag/travel case/bathroom cabinet.

estee lauder quick thick

Estee Lauder Quick-Thick Eyeliner in Punker Black is part of the new Pure Colour range for fall 2012, and if you want to give it a try you can pick it up from Estee Lauder counters nationwide.

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