Los Angeles has always been known for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy had a different LA girl in mind for the Rodarte spring / summer 2014 collection. This is the LA girl gone wild, the LA rocker who would rather be on a fun night out than be on a red carpet.

To coincide with the collection, James Karliados of NARS created a look that features wild eyebrows and kohl rimmed eyes for that rock ‘n’ roll feel. This beauty look is very easy to do – learn how to do it right after the jump.

Rodarte SS14 beauty look

How to: Rodarte’s LA girl gone wild makeup

LA girl gone wild makeup


Before you work on any makeup look, it’s always best to prep your skin. After washing your face well, put on some moisturizer or an all in one makeup primer. This keeps your skin healthy and at the same time it will help your makeup stay on longer.


To create a smooth, flawless and matte base, take cream foundation and apply it evenly on your face. For the Rodarte show, NARS’ Radiant Cream Compact Foundation was used. If you have areas that need extra coverage, you can use a concealer or out on some more of your cream foundation, just make sure you blend it in well.


Because this look is an LA girl gone wild look, the eyebrows are on the wilder side. Take some brow gel but instead of grooming your eyebrows the usual way, brush them up for a fuzzy, un-kept look. You can try NARS Oural Brow Gel to really get wild brows of the Rodarte show.

rodarte ss14 beauty look


The eyeliner for this look is very precise and concentrates on the outer corner of the eyes that comes together in a “V” shape. You have two options on what to use to get this look: the first is with an eye pencil and the second is through liquid eyeliner. James Karliados suggests using a pencil if you can for that rock ‘n’ roll feel but if your eyes pop out more you can switch to the liquid eyeliner. Whichever eyeliner you choose, start lining your upper eyelids from the inner corners going out. Extend the line a little and then go down towards the lower lash line – keep on going until you have about 1/3 of your lower lashes lined.

To make your eyes pop, curl your lashes and apply mascara. NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara was used in the show. Once you’ve done your lashes, take some cream concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and apply it under your eyes. This will give your eyes a certain lift.

LA girl gone wild makeup


The cheeks for this look are pretty simple. Take matte cream blush like NARS Matte Multiples (in Anguilla and Atlai) and apply it right above your jawline for a contoured look. Keep the apples of your cheeks free of color.


The lips for this look are almost nude and were done by mixing two lip pencils: Biscayne Park Satin Lip Pencil and Floralies Satin Lip Pencil. If you don’t have these just go with a pale or nude lipstick or lip pencil and you’re done.

LA girl gone wild makeup

You don’t have to be in LA to wear this look. It really doesn’t matter where you are, all that matters is you wear it with the right attitude and you’re all set.

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