Mermaids never fail to tickle the imaginations of beauty creatives, and MAC’s James Malloy is one of them. For the Gail Sarronda spring / summer 2015 show at Australian fashion week (MBFWA), he created a look with skin inspired by Disney’s The Little Mermaid. With a soft glow and simple yet beautiful eyes, this make up look is truly fit for a princess of the seas, and perfect for working in to your spring 2014 makeup repertoire.

Read on after the break for the complete how to for this look.

shimmering mermaid skin how to

How to: shimmering mermaid skin at Gail Sarronda


The key to getting the shimmering skin of this look is in the preparation. Start by applying moisturizer on your face, as this will give your face a soft and glowing look. MAC Studio Cream and Lightful Softening Lotion are recommended by Malloy.

For the Gail Sarronda show, MAC Careblends Essential Oils was also applied to the face for a more enhanced glow on the skin.


For flawless looking skin apply foundation evenly all over your face. For areas that need extra coverage, use a concealer that’s in the same shade. MAC’s Face and Body Foundation and Pro Long Wear Concealer were used for the show.

shimmering skin how to


Take eye shadow that’s in a neutral shade of brown (something similar to MAC Hush and Shell Cream Colour) and apply it all over your upper eyelids. Then create contour on your eyes by applying a darker shade until the crease of your eyes. Blend the eye shadows together with a blending brush for a natural look.

Make your eyes pop by curling your lashes and then applying two coats of mascara. MAC Studio Lash Fix is a good choice.


Fill in your brows by using eye shadow that’s in the same shade as your hair. Do this is short, light strokes for a very natural look. Then highlight your brows by applying gold eye shadow or MAC Pro Light Pigment right below it.

shimmering skin how to


The cheeks for this look were done by mixing two cream blush ons: midtone sepia and pearl cream. You can do this as well but you can also substitute it with a similar colored cream blush. Apply the blush on the apples of you cheeks and set it in by lightly brushing on contouring powder on top of the blush.


Since this look is very natural, the only lip product used for the Gail Sarronda show is lip conditioner. You can also use a good lip balm but if you want some colour, choose a lipstick in a natural shade.

shimmering skin lips

While mermaids may be a figure of imagination, you don’t have to be one to be able to pull this look off. It’s natural, fun and relaxed – a perfect beauty look for summer.

Photos courtesy MAC.

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