Nothing puts a stamp of optimism on a cold day like a bold red lip and a flush of colour sweeping across the apples of the cheek. Michael Kors fall / winter 2012 show hit the nail on the head by creating a beauty look that most women would be able to relate to off-the-runway.

He creates a look for you, not for the models at the show.

The look was an apres-ski look, AKA, an after-ski vision of a woman. The story goes like this – the Kors woman is on a ski trip and this is how she would look on returning to her hotel for a cocktail. For the show, the concentrated wash of red hues on the lips and cheeks created a bold contrast against the fur and wool-filled clothes seen on the runway.

Shiseido’s Artistic Director, Dick Page, created this chic look, keeping Michael Kors’ American energy in mind. He was quoted saying that he “wanted to give American women a taste of biting cold European winter”.

This flush of colours take all the trophies for a winning fall / winter season make-up look, especially if you’re planning on embracing pale skin for the chillier months. It’s easy on the eyes, while also being energetic and feminine.

If you’ve started planning your winter getaway, then make this look a priority for the skiing season. Follow our step-by-step how to narration below.


Put the bronzing cream and illuminator away, as this washed look is all about adapting to the white-goddess feel this winter. Agreed that a tan, sun-kissed face is a beloved territory for the ladies, but when you’re sitting in negative 20 degrees temperature, you need to let the natural elements of the face shine.

For the show, Page only used foundation on each model to create a base and hide any visible imperfections. When trying this at home, feel free to skip the foundation as well and only use a concealer to camouflage any redness on the skin. We dare you!

Tip: Pick a foundation / concealer that suits your skin type and colour, while also giving luminosity to the skin.

ski makeup


This is where the magic happens! There is nothing more fun than using a product in a new and different way. So instead of using blush on the cheeks, Page created the rosy red tint with a crimson-hued lipstick. Yes, he used lipstick on the cheek. This trick gave the cheeks a highly concentrated colour without making them too pigmented.

Dab some colour on the apples of the cheek and blend it into the jawline using a brush. Remember to blend it really well, or you might risk streaking the cheek with colour. Keep the colour away from the nose and the lower points on the face, as you don’t want to look like someone’s punched you.

Tip: This trick also comes in handy for other make-up looks: don’t be afraid to use a creamy eyeshadow as a lip highlighter or a blush on the top of the lids. Rules are for losers; break them!

armani sheer lipstick

Our Product Pick: Rouge d’armani Sheer Lipstick in Red Carpet


To support the boldness on the rest of the face, the eyes were left to a bare minimum for the runway. Page used a shimmering eye shadow cream in gold to highlight the top lid and the eye socket. He then blended it thoroughly on the top lid.

Keep the colour palette neutral when picking a shade for your eyes. However, do keep in mind that you need your skin to stay hydrated in winter; hence creamy eyeshadows are a better option. If you’re using an eyeshadow powder on your eyes, dab some primer prior to its application.

ski bunny beauty

Curl the eyelashes and apply only one coat of high-definition, waterproof mascara. Also, leave the lower lash line alone for this look.

Tip: If you want your eyes to look bigger (and brighter), dab some white or silver eyeshadow powder on the inner corner of the eyes.

chanel gold eyeshadow

Our Product Pick: Chanel Ombre essentielle in ÉCLAIRÉ


The models’ lips were first neutralised with some foundation – this increases the staying power of all bold lip colours. They were then coated with three layers of a strawberry-hued lipstick, to create the long-lasting effect on the runway.

Tip: You can also use a red lip stain instead of a solid lipstick. These dry really quickly and hold on to the colour for hours on the lips.

laura mercier lip stain

Our Product Pick: Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet

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