How to: smokey grey eyes for fall

“There is art in everything” is something that an Art Deco enthusiast would say. Making itself known by the 1930s, Art Deco is a movement that brought about a change in perspective, allowing people see beauty in anything and everything under the sun. In the fashion sense, the movement gave rise to a new woman, one who is stronger. She bid adieu to the feathers of the 20s and grasped the bold lines of the new decade. Today, Art Deco fashion remains celebrated on the runways.

When it comes to celebrating women, Diane Von Furstenberg is no stranger. This fall 2012, she decided to pay homage to the Art Deco movement by showcasing a collection with bold prints and strong lines. To stay true to the collection’s overall mood, MAC cosmetics makeup artist James Kaliardos created a beauty look that combined the smokey-eye with the surrealism of the 30s. To get this look for yourself, check out the how-to after the break.

smokey grey eyeshadow

How to: smokey grey eyes


After washing your face, prep it up with some makeup primer. The perks of a primer include moisturizing and making your makeup stay longer. Some primers also come with SPF for that much needed protection from the sun.

Next, apply foundation all over your face. As always, choose a shade that’s the same as your skin tone and apply it as evenly as you can. If you have some problem areas, like dark under eyes, you can use a concealer to get flawless and healthy looking skin.


Fill in your eyebrows using eye shadow and brush. Make sure you fill them neatly but not too strongly; you wouldn’t want your eyebrows to overpower this look.

For your eyes, you will need grey eye shadow. Apply eye shadow all over your eyelids, including the corner of your eyes, until a little bit above the crease. If you don’t like a strong eye shadow line, you can take a blending brush and blend the edges a bit. This is what mainly creates that vintage smokey look.
You will need two eyeliner pencils for the next step, one in black and the other one in grey. Using the black eyeliner pencil, draw a line on your upper lash line. Take the grey eyeliner pencil and draw over the waterline or the lower lash line of your eyes. For a more smokey look, take a cotton tip and use that to blend the eyeliner. If you don’t have eyeliner pencil you can use eye shadow with a brush instead. I’d sometimes use a lip brush with a little bit of water to turn my eye shadow into instant eyeliner.
Finish your eyes by curling your lashes and applying a good amount of mascara. If you want your eyes to pop out more, you can dab a bit of gloss on the middle of your eyelids.

dvf smokey grey eyes


The cheeks for this look are very contoured. Start by taking a nude blush and just dab it on the hollows of your cheek. Next take a darker shade of blush and apply it over the jaw line going towards your ears.


The make up for the DVF show was all about the eyes, so keep your lips simple by using a light or neutral shade. For a matte finish, use a lip liner instead of a lipstick.

To get the whole look from the runway, pair the makeup with a really sleek and tight chignon.

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